Monday, July 2, 2012

Booty Nudity

It can't be just me that notices this nation's obsession with nudity, right?

Okay, so Gymnophobia may be the more appropriate word. As a society, we view nudity as a horrible evil along the same lines as infidelity and assault. Just a few months ago a preteen boy was arrested in a nearby city for exposing his genitalia in a public park. Apparently an elderly lady saw him and it got her feeble heart racing so her daughter decided to press charges.

The question is: Is nudity such a bad thing?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I'm innocent to society's influences. While the only time I was exposed to public nudity was at a "topless pool party" of transexual women at an LGBT convention, it still heightened my adrenaline and sent a few negative thoughts my way. However, nobody freaks out when they see a baby naked when it's born. But as soon as that baby learns to walk and talk, it must remain fully clothed at all times. Why is that? 

Personally, I feel that the human body is beautiful in the nude. Especially the youthful figure. I feel that humans are sculpted perfectly, no matter what shape or size. I do not understand why every buttocks, pelvis, or breast must be censored on television. But that's not to say that this censorship is necessarily unnecessary. Most nudity on American television or film is sexual and pornographic. There is a huge difference between artful nudity and sexual nudity.

Artful nudity is the display of the human body in a way that is natural and pure in every sense of the word. Roman statues and Parisian paintings have displayed this nudity for generations. Even some modern foreign advertising uses nudity as a way to convey a message in a powerful way.

Sexual nudity, on the contrary, is what you see in American action films with a leading female slut hero. There is no purpose behind it other than to arouse the viewer. I believe that this kind of nudity is perfectly acceptable to be censored on daytime television.

If artful nudity is shown more frequently, the American demand for sexual nudity is sure to decrease. This isn't saying that the porn industry will fail, that's a whole other topic. But Americans will become less isolated from nudity, and will (over time) change their opinion into a more accepting and self-loving view of the human body.

If we can't love ourselves down to our skin and bones, how can we possibly love ourselves at all?

Yours nudely,


  1. When I was a teen I really began to enjoy being nude. I frequently went skinny dipping with friends and even wandered the woods nude when bugs weren't biting. Later in my 20s I joined the nudist/naturist movement and joined a club and went to a nude beach. I completely agree about nudism and it's benefits. Yes younger male bodies are artistically interesting but so are men of all ages and shapes as well as women. Later when I found a partner we were nude around the home, a practice I still continue even after we split up.

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