Friday, June 8, 2012

Mama Drama

So I tend to avoid discussing some very personal details of my life and family, but I figured this issue would be somewhat important to write about.

As many of you know, my parents have rarely gotten along. They are always fussing and fighting about every little issue. Lately, my little brother has decided that he will not return to the house as long as my mother lives there. This all started after they got in an argument and we called the police on him. He claims that she doesn't let him do anything and is ruining his life. Now, I guess that's the normal teenage response. The thing is, my brother skipped 3 of his 4 classes this semester every single day, and failed the only class he went to. He smokes pot and steals from my family (including my iPod, which is, as far as I know, the only thing he has stolen from me). Anyways, my dad, as usual, is siding with my brother. My mom thinks this is an excellent opportunity to move out and separate from my dad. I've supported her decision to do this for quite a while... but in a way I'm not ready for it.

Jason is coming to visit me in 2 weeks. We were supposed to go to the beach next week as a family but now my parents say we have to split it up since my brother refuses to share a house with my mom. My dad and brother will go for two days, then my mom and I will go for 2 days. It's absolutely ridiculous. My mom also suggested we take the opportunity to move all of our stuff to an apartment. I guess I'd be more okay with that if Jason wouldn't be coming the following week. I don't want him to walk into the middle of that drama. Even though he would still be by coming here. Besides, I've lived in the same house and room for 19 years, and the reason for him coming is so that he can get insight into my life that he wouldn't be able to at college. I want to show him my old Christian School (and I secretly want to take a picture kissing him in front of it), my high school, the park where I had most of my birthday parties, plus the friends he hasn't already met. Plus we are going to a concert by a certain british boy band while he is here that we are both ecstatic about.

Naturally, I asked his opinion and he said he would prefer to see my room as it is now. That's all I needed to tell my mom I'm not ready to move out yet. She said "Jason must be more important to you than I thought". I didn't respond, but she was obviously right.

In unrelated news, I was in Blockbuster today looking for a movie to watch tonight when I found something besides a movie to watch. There was this guy there with short blonde/brown hair who looked to be about 15 or 16 and had a striking resemblance to Niall Horan. We awkwardly made eye-contact when I first noticed him in the same aisle. The most interesting part was, when I moved away I noticed him looking up and down the aisles in search of someone (he was there alone). I made my way to the line and I saw that he noticed me and then he got in line too. Unfortunately, the store was empty so I went to the register before he got behind me and left as he was just getting to the register. Is it wrong that I am enjoying things like this even though I have a boyfriend? Is it normal to look at attractive guys if you are in a committed relationship? I guess that's a topic for another day.

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  1. It's really a shame life and families can't be perfect.

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