Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time Travel

Well the summer is in full swing and I'm halfway through my month of being Jason-less while he visits his family in the mid-west. Things are going alright though, I've enjoyed the time to myself and with my friends back home.

I've also been with Mikey a lot helping him with a project. He has lost pretty much all his appeal to me. He smells really bad (he doesn't bathe regularly) and he really needs to start shaving his face more regularly. He just looks very care-free, which is totally fine for a guy, but it's not the way he used to be. He still does little things to try to swoon me like watching porn beside me or making comments like "sometimes I wonder if I am gay and don't know it" when watching himself back on video. But as I said earlier, he doesn't appeal to me like he used to.

Today I took a visit back to the place where I took video production classes my senior year. The seniors in the advanced class were premiering their final projects while the juniors finished filming so I decided to come watch. All of the films were just average, and apart from one guy with a really cocky attitude, there were no guys of interest there.


About 20 minutes before class was over, I noticed a familiar face walk into the room. Duncan. In case you are a new reader (or one without an everlasting memory), Duncan was in my Intro Video class back in the Fall of 2010. My first entry mentioning him is here: A New School Year, New Start?. As he turned to walk back out we made eye contact and I waved. He responded by a shocked look and then a quick "Hey Tristan!". My heart was racing because it had been so long since we've talked. He was sporting a new look. While his dress before was a bit gothic, he had gone full-blown emo. I usually am really turned off by that, but he rocked it and seemed almost like a Hot Topic model. His hair was in this crazy style with spiked and waves. It looked really cool. The best part... his face hadn't changed a bit. He still looked years younger than his age. He could easily pass as an 11-year-old in closeups. Anyways, he came back to the room a little while later and was standing at his computer. Me, with my newly found boost of confidence, approached him and asked to see his final project. He was really happy to show it to me. Turns out his was the best of the class. The most interesting thing was, everyone in the class seemed to really like him and look up to him. At the beginning of my 12th grade year when I had class with him, everyone talked badly about him and I was one of the only ones who took up for him. It made me happy to know that he had earned the respect of the others in the class. Plus, he really is that good at what he does.

I've talked to Jason off-and-on, usually a few texts every day and a phone call once a week. He seems to be doing well. His mom is still being a real bitch about dissing gay-related topics, such as Amendment 1 and Obama's support for it. But he seems to handle it better than I would. I do wish he'd stand up for himself for once though.

Does anyone still read this? While that might be a good thing, I'm starting to feel a little lonely without the comments. I love getting feedback and new topic ideas. HMU! ;)


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  1. Thought id post and say yes I still read! If you posted every day even is be good with that :)