Saturday, February 11, 2012


Alright, so this picture isn't the best way to represent "Rewind", but I couldn't resist.

So I planned to do this entry about my trip to "Creating Change", but something else has come up that definitely deserves attention.

So there's this guy...David.

David goes to the gay-youth group I go to. He's a sophomore or junior in high school. We have talked a few times, especially when I first started going, but usually it's just a "hey" when I get there. He is really hyper and outgoing. He's also gay. I offered him a ride to the meetings a few weeks ago when I was told he doesn't come anymore because he doesn't have a ride. He told me that he did but gave me his number anyways just in case.

Fast forward to this Wednesday.

I was messaging a few people on Facebook when I noticed a new message from him. "Sup" is all it said. We began talking, and he asked if Jason and I still went out. I told him no and about what Jason did to me. 2 hours later, our conversation started to get intense and he told me that he liked older guys, and I shared that I liked younger guys. For some reason he thought I was like 20. He told me he was 17, but then went down to 16 when he found out I was only 18 (sidenote, he was 15 at the end of last year, and if his birthday is in March then he is actually about to turn 16). Anyways, he eventually admitted that he liked me.

I told him that I liked him too...

Which is true, I mean when I first came to the meetings, he was the first one I drove my attention to. He also is young looking which is a plus to me. He does have a long history of depression (and even a suicide attempt 2 years ago), but I am willing to look over that.

So we made plans for Thursday. I was going to pick him up from school then we were going to have a picnic in the park until he had to be somewhere 2 hours later.

Fast forward to Thursday.

I was really nervous on my way to pick him up. This was my first actual "date" I had with a guy. When I picked hi up we stopped by the grocery store nearby first to get food. He seemed really hyper and nervous, which was appropriate I guess. We went to the park and ate. Nothing really special happened. It just seemed like a normal "hanging out" date with a friend. At the end when he had to leave, he gave me a really big hug and that was it.

Fast forward two hours.

New text message.
David: omg I had such an awesome time today!!!

I'm glad that he enjoyed it. I was starting to worry about whether or not it had been a "good" date. But what he said shortly after was a little more concerning.

David: So...are we like official now?

Wow. I've heard of couples moving fast, but I don't think after 2 hours together we can tell if we are meant to be boyfriends so soon. My friend blamed it on the fact that he was still stuck in that "high school mindset" where everyone is in a relationship. He also mentioned that he went into school early to work on something for me for Tuesday (Valentine's Day). That means I have to get him something. How do you buy a Valentine's gift for someone you aren't really dating yet? PLEASE give me suggestions, ASAP!

We are planning to meet at his work Sunday and eat, then hang out for the rest of the evening/night. I'm not sure where or how, but I can predict that it will definitely end in a decision about our relationship. It just seems like things are moving too fast, almost as if he's rushing into it before Valentine's Day just so he has a valentine.


What if this is just another Jason situation? Maybe he doesn't really like me and just wants someone to brag about to his friends. But then again he does seem to be very interested. He has already started calling me "babe" and asked if I prefer that he shaved (meaning his face but I'm sure he implied more). Am I making a mistake by going into this so soon? Or could this be the "high school experience" that I missed out on? Especially with prom coming up soon (if he's really a Junior).

I really do like him, I'm just concerned about whether he wants something as serious as I do.



  1. Tristan u should tell him u want to take it slow that u have been hurt before . What u should get him is flowers and candy if u don't know what he likes .

  2. SCORE!! But reality check, he can't want something as serious as you because he's not mature enough yet, HELLO. But he fits your preferences better and you are a good, stable mentor that can really help this mixed up kid. Be careful because his emotional history makes him really vulnerable. At least he's cute but not jail bait LOL.

  3. And don't worry about the future for now, have a great VALENTINE'S DAY with this guy xoxoxoxoxo

  4. You jump from guy to guy...maybe YOU'RE the one in the highschool mindset of where everyone is in a relationship....You were serious with Jason and now you are "serious" with this guy. Don't you see it as jumping around quite a bit? Just my two cents....

  5. Is that a picture of him? Why is he wearing a diaper?