Sunday, February 12, 2012

Official or Not, Here I Come

So today was my big date with David. I met him at work at 3pm. I waited a few minutes for him to get the okay from his boss to leave, then we headed out. We went to get pizza but I had recently eaten lunch so I didn't eat but had a nice conversation with him.

After eating, we went back to his house so he could get a coat. I stayed in the living room and played with his dog (no, not a sexual term for his penis, I mean the animal). Then all of a sudden the door flung open and a little girl came in. I jumped up and stood there awkwardly and said "hi". She didn't respond. Then a man came in, his stepdad.

"You must be Tristan"
"Yes sir"
"Nice to meet you. I'm David's stepdad"
"You too"
"By the way, Tristan. Next time you park in the driveway... pick a side"

I realized that while parking I didn't leave room for another car. Mainly because I wasn't planning to be long and assumed no one would be coming home. Thank God we weren't doing anything lol.

Afterwards we went to the downtown area of his town (the next one over from mine) and shopped a little before seeing the movie "The Woman in Black". When it was time for the movie, we went to the line to buy tickets. We were both panicing a little because we thought it was rated R so we were worried that they would have to check his ID but fortunately it was only rated PG-13. When we went in the theatre, he asked where I wanted to sit. I told him it was up to him and he said the back. In case you don't know it, the back is usually the "makeout zone'.

The movie started and all was good. I noticed he pulled the armrest down between us. Was he not planning to do anything? That was fine with me, I was glad he made a boundary.

As the movie progressed, I noticed him start to lean towards me. I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not. He also moved his leg where it was bumping against mine. He kept tapping my foot but I wasn't sure what to do so I just kept still.

Eventually, he lifted the arm rest, but didn't say anything or make any sudden movements. Eventually though I noticed his head resting on my shoulder. I put mine down lightly but he quickly moved up, as if it were an accident. A few minutes later though he went back down and I stayed still. He found the movie extremely scary. I wasn't very impressed by it. He kept leaning his head closer and closer to mine. For a while he wrapped his arms around me (front and back) and I rubbed his shoulders reassuring him that it was alright. For the majority of the rest of the movie, he kept his arm across my stomach. I rubbed it and eventually ended up holding his hand.

That's as far as it went and I couldn't be happier.

I took him home and we talked about hanging out Saturday. As far as I know, no Valentine's plans were made.

This is probably the last time I will go into detail about our dates. I just thought it would be nice to tell you about our first REAL one.


I told him by text after the date that I was ready to make it official. So we both logged onto Facebook and changed our relationship status.

Suddenly, my Facebook wall appeared with a giant post.

"Tristan is in a relationship with David - February 12, 2012"

So I guess this is it. My coming out moment to all my Facebook friends, except for family friends and family, I hid the post from them. I was nervous but also really excited. I did it.

But in all my excitement I let my guard down.

My phone was dying so I told David to message me on Facebook. He did and I explained to him that I left my charger in Jason's room earlier that day.


He knows about what Jason did to me. I noticed earlier while texting he said his mom was concerned about me and Jason still having a thing but I just laughed it off and assumed he knew we didn't.

This time I'm not so sure...

"Wow what?
"You left it in Jason's room..."
"omg now you're making me feel bad, you know I'm over him."
David is offline.


I don't know, he did say he was going to bed early, but why such a horrible time? Literally 5 minutes before, we made our relationship Facebook official. Now, is he regretting it?

I guess I shouldn't panic yet and just wait to see what tomorrow brings. I'm just upset because it was an instant mood-breaker. I texted him telling him I'd prove it to him next time we were together. I'm not really sure what I meant by that but I just want him to know I'm over Jason.

And I really am.


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