Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Winter Begins

I realize that it has been a couple of weeks since I last updated. But I feel that a daily update on Jason and myself would get a little boring for you, since a lot of the time we do the same thing. I am now on Winter break and won't be going back to school until January 8th. I've been without Jason for 8 days and it is tearing me apart.

Lately I have felt that Jason has become uninterested in me except for when we are sexual. I feel like I'm doing all this work and he doesn't even seem to appreciate it. But maybe he does. What has got my doubting our relationship the most is the fact that he hasn't texted me at all over the break except to respond to my texts. I have made it a plan to text him every other day, but decided I would wait for him to text me first this time. Tomorrow will be the third day. I'll text him tomorrow night to ask if he still wants to be roommates. What comes next will be based on his response.

We will see...

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