Monday, November 21, 2011

My First Kiss...

Wow, if only I had known what would happen in these past 4 days I would have never written that last entry. I will begin with Thursday so you have a proper lead-in.

Thursday, November 17, 2011
After the GSA meeting, I went to Jason's room. He jumped into his bed and just laid there, pretending to be asleep. I told him that it wasn't fair that he got to sleep while I stood there, so I jumped into the bed with him. We laid like we did at the pier, with my arm around him. I began to lightly stroke his chest, which he liked and told me to continue doing. I rubbed his chest, back, and arms for almost an hour. Occasionally he would rub me as well but I told him I preferred doing it to him. I'm not sure what took over me, but I suddenly got the courage to ask a question that I would have never asked before. As I was rubbing him stomach, I said under my breath:

"I could go lower if you want."

He paused for a minute. I looked up at his face and could see he was nervously smiling and moving his mouth but nothing was coming out. After a while he managed to say that he wasn't ready for that tonight and he wanted to "clean up" down there before we did that. I told him I was totally okay with that and I felt bad for saying anything. He told me not to, ans he felt bad for being stubborn. We went back to chest rubbing for another 20 minutes or so. We wrapped this up early because he had a big test the next day.

Friday, November 18, 2011
After dinner we came back to his room and he spent some time watching videos and playing video games, until moving to his bed. We didn't really have a reason to be in bed, but we went for it anyways. He took his shirt off again and I began rubbing, but his legs as well this time. I would skip down from his belly button to where his shorts ended. I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. This night we held each other very close. Closer than ever before. He even turned facing me, while we slowly stroked each others chests. I was wearing a shirt again, mainly to make him feel more secure in case his roommate walked in. There were several occasions where we thought we heard his roommate coming so I jumped down and sat in his chair at his laptop. But he never came in. It got later and later, until about 3am when something amazing happened...

We were laying together, facing each other, with his face buried beneath mine in the pillow.

Me: I feel like I'm smothering you.
Jason: No, I like it.
(1 minute pause)
Me: It would be really easy to kiss you now.
Jason (giggles) Yeah, it would.

I can't believe I said that. I began to panic and tell him about how I was scared I would do something stupid or have bad breath or mess it up. He told me that it would be fine and he would do all the work. He told me the only rule I had to follow was to close my eyes. I jokingly replied that "Bruno Mars taught me that", in reference to the lyrics "Should have known you were trouble since the first kiss, had your eyes wide open, why were they open?". A song was playing that had a title with the name of one of my best friends in it so I told him I wanted to change it so I can think of just him when I hear a song. I let him chose the song, which was "Crazy for You" by Adele. After I stood up, I began shaking like crazy. I also started talking really quickly about how I wasn't nervous and I didn't know why I was shaking. That was a lie. He told me it was okay and he was the same way his first kiss. I got back in bed with him. The time had come. He told me to close my eyes, so I did.

3:18am - The moment his lips touched mine I couldn't think of anything else. I have never been so caught up in a moment. I was surprised by how much tongue he used for a first kiss. To be honest... it felt weird. I mean, being kissed felt good, but the overall experience wasn't as great as I imagined it. He moved his tongue in and out of my mouth very quickly. The kiss lasted about 15 seconds, much longer than I expected as well. As soon as we were done he got very excited and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a huge hug. It was about 3:30 by the time I left to go back to my room.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Actually... I think I'll save this for next entry. It's equally as interesting as my first kiss, I don't want to overshadow anything.

I will try to have that up tomorrow or Wednesday.

(In) Love,

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  1. I had my first kiss as a Freshman too. With a girl (I was confused) ;)