Friday, November 25, 2011

Everytime We Touch

Yes, I was listening to this song while writing this entry. This is a continuation of my last entry, but about being touched.

Saturday, November 19, 2011
This has been a week ago so bear with me for not remembering all the details. Jason's roommate was still doing his initiation for his fraternity so we had the room together again. The only thing I can remember is laying in his bed and he was shirtless. I was stroking his chest like normal, when he suddenly says...

"You can go lower if you want."

If you remember, a few days before I offered to go lower with my rubbing while we were laying on the floor but he told me he had to tidy up down there and was too stuborn. Well, it seems things have changed. Maybe it was the fact that we didn't make it official until Friday night with the first kiss. Which makes sense, I just wasn't brave enough to mention kissing at that time.

"How much lower?"

With this question, he grabbed my hand and dragged it from his bellybutton down to his "lower region" (he was wearing shorts). From there I began rubbing, trying not to stick only to the "new" area so he wouldn't think that's all I cared about.

"Do you want me to rub you too?"

I hesitated. I  couldn't form words to answer him. He quickly retaliated with "Sorry, you don't have to let me". But I told him no, I wanted him to. He told me that he had a dream about this once.

After about 30 minutes of all-over rubbing, we decided to call it a night. He asked if I wanted a goodnight kiss. DUH! So we just went for it, no elongated conversation before hand. He did tell me I needed to lift my head up some so he could reach me, which I did. This time he did exactly the same thing as last time, but I used my tongue some as well. It was about 10 seconds longer than the one before hand, but at the end we both had to wipe our faces and he said it was a little sloppy but it was okay. Crap, I felt like I screwed up. I told him next time I would let him do the work again until I got better at it.


Not much exciting things between us has happened since then. Tuesday I got angry with him for the first time. We were walking to our pier when his sister called, who he would be seeing the next day in person. I didn't mind, but 20 minutes later when we arrived at the pier he was still talking. He stayed at the area before it and told me he would finish quickly. I walked down the pier alone while I waited for an additional 30 minutes while he talked to his sister about random things like spongebob and making random noises. I felt really ignored. Mind the fact that Monday night he was tired and went to bed early, so I didn't even get any alone time with him. I sat down and began texting out my frustrations with my friend. He finally came up behind me and told me he was done and apologized. I just nodded and we walked to our usual spot.

At first I had a goal of making him realize I was upset with him by not saying anything, but I decided to give it up because I didn't want to ruin our last night together before thanksgiving break. But about 5 minutes later he put his arm around me and said "You seem sad". I told him I wasn't, but took the opportunity to rest my head on his shoulder and he rested his lightly on mine.

From there we went into our usual laying position. I rubbed his chest, arms, back, head, and face. But I avoided the "lower" regions because I was more interested in making this a romantic moment and not a sexual one. He was cold so I wrapped my legs over him entirely and he burried his head into my neck. He rubbed my leg and thigh while it was around him. Later I rested my head on top of his but took it off because I didn't feel like it was comfortable to him (even though he said it was).

Afterwards, he asked if I wanted to kiss out there or in the elevator. I told him out there because I didn't want it to be cut short. This time I let him lead. He went deeper into my mouth with his tongue, but not too deep to where it was anywhere near my throat. This was our best kiss so far. I used my tongue a little and reached a point of excitement that it never caused before. Are mouth orgasms possible? Anyways, this one was about 30 seconds long, which was the longest by far. He told me that he was sorry if it was a little long, it was hard to judge with kisses. I told him I didn't mind it being long. He also told me that he was beginning to become addicted to these kisses, and it had been so long since he had kissed anyone. I told him he was starting a new addiction for me, but it's okay because it's probably not one of the worst things college kids could get addicted to. Afterwards we hugged and sat up together. Then we made our way back to our dorms.

So what started out as a bad night quickly became one of our best together. I was sad that we wouldn't see each other again until next Monday, but I figured I would survive and maybe the distance will make us want to be closer next time we are together.

That's it for now. If I remember I will do an entry about Black Friday shopping with Mikey last night and today.


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