Monday, October 24, 2011


The longer it lasts, the better it is... right?

These past few weeks with Jason have been some of the best I've had since I started college. Our long walks, talks, and adventures have really made my life so great. He's everything I want... in a friend.

But like I've said before, I've been wanting this thing to develop farther. Apparently telling someone you like them isn't enough anymore for things to go farther.

Thursday was one of the best days in a while. I went with Jason to the GSA meeting, at which we did a bunch of trust building exercises. One involved everyone touching each other to stay a connected line while trying to overcome an obstacle. Obviously I was already standing with Jason so I started by touching him on the shoulder but as we started to move to form the line, I grabbed his hand. Actually his wrist, but after a minute or so I let it slip down to where we were actually holding hands, fingers connected. He didn't say anything, neither did I. The activity took about 20 minutes, and afterwards we let go. Again, nothing was said but I could tell we both enjoyed it.

After the meeting, we ate and then decided to sit in the grass at the park since the weather was nice. This eventually led to us laying side by side and stargazing. We kept seeing these strange flying objects, and it was fun pointing them out to each other because we would grab each others arm to point in the direction. At one point I grabbed his leg. We were so close our elbows and knees were touching. Howie texted me and we began discussing mine and Jason's relationship. I let Jason read everything. He asked if we had been on a date yet which led to a discussion about how we will start calling some of our outings dates. He also asked if we have kissed and Jason didn't say anything. I know I should have taken that opportunity to say "Want to change that so we can send him a 'yes'?", but I didn't think of that until afterward. Oh well. It was a great night.

Friday I invited Jason to this Haunted House and once he said yes I asked if he wanted to consider it a date and he said "Sure, it's a date!". But other than that there was nothing out of the ordinary, other than having to squeeze through this airbag section where I got pushed into him from behind where we were touching more than ever. But I'm not sure if he thought anything about it. I sure liked it.

Saturday Mikey called twice and we talked about theatre. Something he doesn't talk about around Justin or Dylan. I was walking with Jason when he called so I tried to keep it short and make it clear that Jason was more important, but when I called Mikey back we talked for longer. Yes, I still have feelings for him.

Sunday I spent the whole day with Jason shopping for clothes for our gender bender party. He had more fun with it than I did and really liked dressing as a woman and said he wished he could do it more often. Well, at least we know who will play the woman role in this relationship.

We are meeting in 10 minutes to do dinner and a movie. Not expecting much, but if anything happens I'll let you know. Make sure to keep up with my Twitter @TristanTalks for instant updates!

-Tristan Skyler

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