Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is a continuation of my last entry, so if you have not read it yet please scroll down and check it out.

I began thinking about this Saturday night, but didn't officially make plans until Sunday morning. It's something I've never done before directly, but I felt like the timing was right...

I was going to tell Jason that I liked him.

Before you tell me that this isn't my first time, remember that I did not tell Mikey this. Instead, he asked, but not in a way to show that he was interested. I knew he was straight before that.

But this time, we were both gay. And Jason was not the type to make the first move. It took long enough to get the fact that he was gay out of him. So I decided that I would text him at 3pm with a preplanned message.

I asked a few friends about it before I did. Two of them encouraged me to go for it, but one told me that doing it by text was "lame". I explained to her that with his personality, if I were to tell him in person he would feel put on the spot, something he doesn't like. At least by text, he can think it over before responding.

So 3pm came. I waited a few more minutes just so it wouldn't seem planned.

(3:23) Me: Hey can I tell u something?
(3:25) Jason: Yeah sure.
(3:27) Me: Ok, sorry if this is weird. but I had a really good time this weekend and... well I've never told anyone this before. But I really like you. But if u don't feel the same way it's totally cool and I'm more than happy to just be friends. Sorry I just had to get that off my chest haha.
20 minutes pass, and there is no response. My heart was racing. Was he thinking of a nice way to reject me? Was he completely disgusted that he never wanted to talk to me again? What was going on??

(3:47) Me: Sorry again, I shouldn't have said anything.


(4:04) Jason: No, I'm glad you said something. I like you too and I'm proud of you for saying your feelings. You're a really nice guy and I'd love to get to know you better....It took me a while to text back because I was with a few friends and I wanted some alone time to compose this text.


This was probably the best text I've ever gotten in my life. We ate dinner together later that night and walked around the city. Nothing was any different than usual other than a few mentions of his ex.

Monday, we did dinner and a walk again. But this time instead of walking we went to the pier and sat together for almost 2 hours just talking. This time our conversation got a little more personal, talking about when we realized we were gay, school showers, boners, and other non-related subjects. It felt really good to see that he was being totally open with me.

We plan to get dinner together tonight and walk as usual after my lab. I'm not expecting too much, but I think things might start getting even more interesting pretty soon. I'm just ready for it to be official.

I hope you guys are happy for me. I think it will do me good to have him in my life.



  1. I am VERY happy for you. This is great progress and something you really needed. Congratulations! I predict a great future for you both.

  2. Good for you! I'm sure everyone who's read this blog is happy for you :)

  3. We want an update!