Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Falling Into Break

This entry is a summary of the events of my fall break. I will do it in sections for each day. Don't skip any, they all have interesting parts.

This was my last day of class. I told Jason to finish his paper and then we would eat. So he did, but it took longer than expected and he had another paper to type as well. But luckily he finished around 10:30 so we headed out. Not many things are open that late, and it didn't help that it started pouring on us during our search for food. Running in the rain is always fun with him though. I told him again that I planned this and that he looked hotter when he was wet. We ate and had a lot of fun joking around with each other back and forth. We continued our last conversation about me being his slave and he made me run across the street to see if a place was open. I enjoy being his slave and calling him masta ;) We said our goodbyes on the elevator and continued talking until the door closed when I got off on my floor.

My mom got here at around 9:30am to take me home. Our conversation was very....nerve racking.

Me: Well I wanted to stay for the GSA meeting.
Mom: Oh, the Government Student.... thing?
Me: Umm... no.
Mom: What is it then?
Me: ....Gay-Straight Alliance.
Mom: Ok, I won't ask any more questions.

But our conversation went on.

Mom: Why are you involved in so many pro-gay things?
Me: I don't know...
Mom: Are you just doing it because you like controversial things and debating?
Me: Not really.

Then she joked about her becoming a lesbian to escape my father. In a way I kind of wanted her to go ahead and ask me if i was gay. But I'm sort of glad she didn't so the car ride home wouldn't be awkward.

When I got home I texted Mikey and he told me that they were recording the song that night. They hadn't even mentioned this to me so I was a little upset. I took a nap and woke up to a text from him asking for my address. I asked why and he TOLD me that they were recording at my house. I told him I haven't asked yet and I heard his friend in the background say "Get in the f*****g car, we're going now". So I told him I would ask then call him back. About 2 minutes later I got a text saying "Hurry the hell up", so I flat out told him that sorry but I wasn't dealing with his attitude. He kept begging through his friend but I eventually said I had other plans and met up with my friend at the mall. In a way I was a little relieved because I thought I had finally realized Mikey really wasn't all he was cracked  up to be and the distance let me see his true character. But I was also upset that I probably wouldn't see him at all during the break.

I woke up early to go to brunch with two of my friends, with which I talked about Jason to. They all thought it was really sweet that I met someone who wasn't Mikey. But later that day Mikey called me asking if I wanted to record. So I told him I was free and brought my equipment to his house. He greeted me at my car. At first glance it didn't look like him and I assumed it was one of his friends I didn't know. But as he started walking towards me I realized it was him. It's not even that he looked different. It was really weird. But anyways he helped me carry my stuff in and he and his friend prepared to record. We didn't make it far because they kept getting distracted and yelling at each other. At one point Mikey flashed his pubes but that's as far as he went and claimed he "doesn't do that anymore" when his friend talked about him pulling his dick out all the time. They wrestled a lot and then sang loudly to songs on their iPods. Then Mikey's dad came home and we ran back to the dining room to clean up. Mikey was really quiet. His dad didn't say a word. Came in and got something, then left. It was really awkward. Mikey told me it was because I was there and his dad didn't like me, but I'm not sure if that's true because his dad always seemed really cool with me before. Unless Justin's parents told him. I'm not sure, but I left soon after.

That evening I went to this Halloween themed amusement park with another friend. There were sooo many attractive guys there. We pointed out to each other the attractive ones, but I stopped after a while when she started saying "eww, he's way too young for you Tristan". The best part was standing at the urinal in the bathroom with 2 really attractive boys beside me. I didn't look to see anything though. I just enjoyed their presence.

Also, one of the characters in a maze was flirting with me and I flirted back with him. He invited me into this dark room to makeout but I kept walking. He was joking of course but I found it entertaining.

There was also a guy at a cotton candy stand that both my friend and I found attractive. We decided to buy some solely because he was there. We paid the lady at the cashier and out of nowhere came this sexy voice:

"Great job on your video!"

I looked up and the gorgeous guy was looking at me and smiling. He apparently is taking the video production class I took last year and my teacher showed him my work. He said he felt like he was talking to a celebrity and couldn't believe he was seeing me in person. I couldn't believe I was seeing someone as sexy as him either, but I didn't tell him that. We talked for a while until he gave us our cotton candy and we walked away. Sadly, I didn't get his name (or number). But it totally made my night.

I didn't do much on Sunday until the evening when I went to this church Halloween thing my friend had going on. Last year I tried organizing a group to protest it because they had a scene with lesbians being sent to hell. But this year they took that out and it was actually quite good. I didn't agree with a lot of the themes but the effects and sets were good. The pastor played Satan and he got right up in my face and pointed at me with his finger an inch or two from my face. I kind of felt singled out since he probably knows I'm gay but oh well. I wasn't intimidated.

I visited my high school and had lunch with my friends. It was like old times but I saw a lot less people than I thought I would recognise. I also went to my drama teacher during her 4th block, which was her planning. Things were going great and we were talking a lot but then the inevitable happened... She was on the phone with a radio station and this boy walks in. I'm not sure that I've mentioned this but at the end of my senior year I made a fake girl Facebook and traded pics with boys. There was one in particular that "fell in love" with me so after about a week I told him I wasn't real. Surprisingly, he was really cool with it even though he had sent me some very naughty pictures. We continued talking, and he asked who I was. I figured since I had graduated and wouldn't see him anymore it was fine, so I told him and we continued to talk.

But seeing someone in person is different. It had to be the most awkward 5 minutes of my life. I looked at him when he came in but then my eyes went immediately to the ground. I know he knew who I was. I also knew that he knew that I had seen his pictures. Luckily my friend came in and I had someone to talk to. The boy eventually left and we made eye contact right before, but still nothing was said. He messaged me tonight (Tuesday) asking if it was me. I haven't heard back from him.

Mikey texted me when school let out asking if I could take him home, so I did. It was interesting, because the guy he normally rides home with was there and ready to take him, but he wanted me to. I felt special and enjoyed the ride very much. He had lost his bitchy attitude now that he was alone with me and we had a few good conversations. I know he still likes me, and in a way I do too. We said goodbye until Thanksgiving and I watched him as he disappeared into his house. I'm glad I had that moment with him, it made me realize I wasn't ready to give up on him just yet.

Today was basically just a ride back to school. I took a nap, ate alone, then went to the support group meeting. It was actually nice because there were only like 4 other kids there and the leader so I felt like I could be more open. I mentioned Jason as my friend and the leader drilled me about it until I told her that he was a "special friend-in-progress". She said that's the best time, everything is really exciting. I agreed. He texted me at about 8:30 and we made plans to meet at 9:15. We walked and went to the pier until about 12. And here I am.

So as you see, my fall break was pretty interesting. I'm glad I got to see most of my friends, including Mikey. I missed Jason like crazy so it's good to be back. We will see what happens next...


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