Thursday, September 1, 2011

They Speak!

My last entry received the most responses (comments & emails) than any other of my entries to date. I can't express how excited I was to hear from all of you, even the ones who have never wrote me before. I did my best to respond to all of your emails, but please forgive me if a few of them were a little short. I've had a busy schedule today but I didn't mind taking some time out of it to interact with you.

That being said, very few of your emails contained questions that I could address to everyone in an entry. However I will do my best from what I was given. I strongly encourage you to leave a comment on my posts (it is 100% anonymous) and post questions and comments for others to read and respond to. I want this to become more like a community than just a personal journal. 

But to the questions I did receive...

Do you only like straight guys?
That's a tough question. So far, there has only been one gay guy that I've liked, but he was still mostly in the closet and we never got close enough to even have the chance of a relationship. I'm pretty sure I mentioned him in July, 2010 entries because he went on the Europe trip with me, refer back to those for that story. But other than him, I have only ever really been attracted to straight guys. I don't like guys that try to look and act gay, that doesn't attract me at all. I like guys that look like... guys. But I don't like manly guys, I still like smaller ones, with boyish faces and little to no body hair at all.

Why do you lie about being gay?
I don't know. I have just seen so many people change how they feel about me once they find out I'm gay. For example, Nemo and Justin. I don't think they will ever look at me the same way again. Some people I feel it's best to just not tell. The world doesn't need to know my sexuality. The only ones who need to know are guys I like, Besides, I have said before that I don't like labels. The stereotype of being "gay" is not me at all. I would rather say "I'm physically attracted to the male species of the human race" ;)

Is there a film group on campus to do editing and stuff with?
There is a film club, but I've made several efforts to email the guy in charge, but haven't received a response yet. However, Lyle told me he would gladly make videos with me sometime. I'm a little worried about that ever happening now that he's starting to make other friends, but we will see.

What are you majoring in?
I haven't declared it yet but I'm almost certain I'm majoring in Communications and Minoring in Film Studies. Those are the closest things my school offers to film production.

How did you get placed with your roommates? Was it random?
Somewhat. They had a survey we had to fill out online about smoking, sleep, and other habits. But obviously it wasn't very accurate. I tried requesting a guy to be my roommate (who was gay) but of course they screwed up my application and I didn't get to be with him. But he's 3 doors down now so we still hang out sometimes. No I'm not interested in him.

How do you think Brad would have reacted if you told him you were gay?
I don't know and honestly I don't want to. He said he wouldn't be offended if I was but the way he asked made it seem like he would. That would give them another reason to differentiate from me. No thanks.

How did things go last night?
This was in response to me telling someone about Tyler planning to bring a girl over to "fuck" last night. I was really hoping he wouldn't be so "lucky", but my friend texted me that she saw him walk in with a girl. When they came up to the room and he said "Let me slip into something more comfortable" I was like "Umm, I'm gonna go hang out with my friend, nice to meet you!". It was so awkward. Luckily my friend happily let me hang out with her and her friends downstairs until they left. He told me afterwards that the girl only let him finger her and wouldn't have sex with him until she had known him for two weeks instead of just one. What a whore...

What are you going to do about the whole Mikey situation?
Honestly, I don't know what's going to happen with Mikey and I. I want to continue our friendship, but I'll probably wait until next summer (if we last that long) to pursue it any farther. Not saying I won't keep at it and call him every few days or so, but I don't think me being away for months at a time will do anything to further what we have.


Again, thank you all for your responses and questions. If you have any more let me know.

I talked to Mikey today but he says he's going to the movies tomorrow night and a football game all day Saturday. But he still thinks we can work around it and work on this song (that hasn't been written yet). To be perfectly honest, I could care less about the song. I just want to see Mikey and hopefully spend time with him alone. I have also texted Corey and he says his aunt and uncle are in town so he doesn't know if he can meet up with me. At first I thought this was just an excuse since he found out I'm gay, but after a few texts he seemed to be unchanged by this new "discovery" about me. I didn't bring it up to him though.

SITE UPDATE: I added a "Translate" widget to the sidebar for easier access for my international readers. Love you guys! I also added an "About Me" page at the tab which is a copy&paste from my first entry for my new readers. Enjoy!

Thanks again for your responses and I really look forward to your next ones!


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  1. Good to hear you're getting feedback. Please share more of your emails on the blog and keep up the good work :)