Monday, September 12, 2011

He's Cute...WAIT!

(This was originally a black and white photo. Yes, be jealous of my editing skills.)

So this entry is somewhat of a mix between a daily update and a specialized topic. But whichever the case, it involves some interaction from you guys. I would prefer if you commented on the entry, but if for whatever reason you don't feel comfortable, you can always email me at

I went to my first Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meeting on Thursday. There was no way I was going alone, so I met up with my friend Howie (who is gay) and went with him. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect since we didn't have one in high school, but I figured it would be a good place to meet cool friends... and cute guys.

When we first got there we were led upstairs by a couple girls who were sitting outside the house the meeting was taking place at. Once in the room, there was a semicircle of chairs, which were almost all taken. We were welcomed by what appeared to be one of the most attractive guys I have seen in college (aside from Lyle). He had the appearance of a 13-year-old boy. Smooth skin, short hair, deep voice, boobs. Wait...what?? Yep, it turns out the leader of the GSA is actually a girl. A 20-year-old lesbian to be exact. But wow. If she got a boob job (to remove them) she could pass as a younger boy any day.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the picture for this entry is of a Dutch model named Kim Noorda. It's a chick.

So my dilemma is, is it wrong for me to find her attractive? Does it make me bi? Straight? To be honest I wouldn't mind dating her (other than the fact that she's into other girls). She obviously lowers her voice on purpose, but she sounds like a boy just beginning puberty, where it's still high but has a deeper pitch. Like Mikey's when I first met him, and still somewhat today.

Let me know what you think about this. Am I attracted to boyish looks instead of men? If so, does that make me neither gay or straight?

- Tristan (or Trista for all you know)


  1. There have been boyish looking girls I find attractive. Although I would categorize myself as bi, not gay. So maybe for me its a nice middle ground?

    But as a fellow BL, I would say that maybe it is the youthful appearance and young boy like qualities. I'm not sure it really makes you one way or the other. I think that is for you to ultimately decide.

    But maybe you just have certain attractions, and you shouldn't push to categorize yourself. Be attracted to who you find attractive and don't have shame in it. If you love someone, or just find them nice to be around, does it have to really have a label to justify it?

  2. It makes you a BL.

    I too have had attractions to boyish-looking girls.

    Ever play the game "is that a cute boy or girl" only to find out its a girl and yell "eew" like a first grader? :) But boys with long hair are SEXXXY ;)

    I bet heteros play that game in reverse LOL.

    You're wise not to label yourself, but BL probably comes closest.

  3. Some gay groups FREAK OUT at the mention of BL so in that situation I suggest you keep it secret.

    I think the acceptable gay term is "twink."

    I eventually came out to my gay group and had no issues but it was not much of a secret after I shared my shotacon collection ;)

  4. I have occasionally found androdynous females attractive but that quickly goes away when I imagine the female anatomy under the exterior facade. When your attracted to androdynous young guys as I am it is, I think, a grey area where traits of the female slip into the guys I find are my type. My advice is go with your feelings and if you like the exterior ask yourself if you'll like what's under the hood. :)

  5. If you really made that photo from a black and white one, I truly am in awe of your editing skills.

    I can't answer your question because I don't know the answer. It is all still a mystery to me and I guess always will be.