Saturday, August 6, 2011


This will be a really short update, but I want to update you day-by-day about this situation.

I posted in our Facebook group about when we are going to finish filming our video, and talked with another group member about how Mikey has been ignoring my calls. He told me that Dylan was going to text me. The conversation went as follows...

Dylan: I don't have girls for my scenes.
Me: Ok, but what's up with Mikey? I've been trying to get in touch with him for the past 3 days, It's like he's avoiding me or something.
Dylan: Oh, well idk then he hasn't mentioned anything to me but I think his parents know your gay.
Me: Well that would explain why his mom seemed weird around me last time I was there but that doesn't explain why I haven't heard from him.
Dylan: Yeah and maybe she's talked to him
Me: I'd still rather he talk to me about it than just cut me off like he has. But it's whatever, I'll just wait and see.
Dylan: Yeah idk, he nvr uses his cell you know that and iPod idk I haven't seen him on it.
Me: But up until Tuesday he was calling me like 3 times a day, maybe more, then he just stopped. That's what concerns me.
Dylan: No clue dude I think it's nothing honestly though.
Me: It might be nothing. It's just now isn't a good time for this since I only have a week left and I don't want to end on a bad note.
Dylan: Yeah I understand. Dude I can get my stuff done Monday at my house then mikey can do his thing.
Me: Ok, if it works out, sounds good. Sorry for my rant.
Dylan: Haha your chill dude.

My heart was pounding during this entire conversation and I felt like crying. The only way his parents would know is if he told them, and that would explain why last Sunday his mom was so weird around me. I didn't mention it, but when we went to get fast food, she called my phone and made Mikey prove that he was in the restaurant and not somewhere else because it didn't "sound like it". I don't know, maybe Dylan is right about it being nothing but it's awfully strange how he mentioned that Mikey's parents might know I'm gay. I never mentioned the situation with his mom last week. I think he knows something I don't, especially since he's been hanging with Mikey the past few days.

The show goes on...


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