Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roommate from HELL

So I'm going to keep this entry fairly short, mainly because I have a decently early class tomorrow and want to get to bed on time, but this will be a quick summary of my first week at college.

Tuesday - Friday I participated in a service group on campus that got to move in early and help out in the community. The best part of this (aside from meeting some really cool people and one cute guy) was helping out at the children's museum. I had forgotten how much I loved kids. I played with them in the sand and in the pirate ship and castle rooms. Surprisingly, the girls were just as entertaining as the boys to play with. I guess at that age (4-7) there really aren't many differences in their personality. My two favorite kids were boys, both 4 years old. I hate to say this... but they were somewhat attractive? I mean, beyond the level of all kids being cute. I don't mean that like I am sexually interested in them by any means, but I see them as handsome. Anyways, one was blonde with tan skin, the other was lighter skin and brown hair. The blonde one was very social, but I found the brown haired one playing by himself so I joined him and talked to him about the city and he told me he had just moved there. I was actually surprised by the fact that I could have an intelligent conversation with a 4 year old. But anyways, I had a lot of fun with that activity and all the service work in general and it was a great experience to start out college.

Also on Tuesday, I called and met up with the guy that was going to be my roommate. He lived nearby and we decided to have dinner. He gave a good first impression, but the more we talked, the less I liked him. I'm not going to say he wasn't good looking, because he was. Blonde hair, blue eyes. The usual attractive college guy. A little too old for my taste, but not bad. But my issue with him was his whole "surfer/cool guy attitude". He seriously talked about his hair for 20 minutes and how it looked horrible that day (while it looked like he had spent about 2 hours on it). Then the next biggest topic of discussion....girls. He talked about how many he's had sex with lately and asked if I had any hot babes where I'm from. I went along with it and said a few, but none that I found worth staying for. Other than that things went pretty well. He just came across as an overconfident, cocky bastard. Thus introducing the first new character to Tristan Talks...BRAD.

BUT WAIT, he isn't the reason this entry is titled what it is...

Introducing my third roommate....TYLER.

I met him on Sunday. After a relaxing bowel movement, I stepped out of the bathroom to find Kyle and his dad unpacking. Awkward as hell, but I made the best of it. I was super friendly, and he was the same. His dad was very talkative. My nerves about him being this total party freak / druggie were gone...

Until his dad left.

He walked his dad down and told him bye while I waited in the room. About 20 minutes later he came back up But not alone... he had 3 girls with him. He didn't even inform me that they were coming over. Not that they weren't nice or anything, but it was still awkward. Then he called a guy and told him to come up while he jumped in the shower. So I was left alone in my room for bout 15 minutes with 4 random strangers all about to go get wasted/high. Great...

But that's not the worst part. He came back around 12:30am, which was earlier than I thought. He seemed fine and not too drunk as he brushed his teeth and got ready for bed. I decided everything was fine and went to sleep myself. But then at about 2:30am, I hear water running...but it wasn't coming from the bathroom. I open my eyes, and I see him standing in front of his desk, pissing all over it, the floor, his wardrobe, everything. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to yell something to stop him, but it was already too late. He finished and climbed back in bed. I couldn't sleep for the next hour just thinking about what had happened. Like, seriously?? He couldn't have just walked 2 feet to the toilet? Anyways, in the morning I went and told the RA at the front desk what had happened and he told me he would pass it along to the main guy at the residence hall. I went back to the room and talked to the guy for like 10 minutes before he realized the mess on his desk. He asked what it was, I responded "Do you really want to know?". So I told him. And of course, he didn't believe me. He said he must have spilled his water bottle or something, but the more I insisted, the more he believed that he MIGHT have done it.

Anyways, talks are in the works with the RA's about doing something with him ASAP. It's funny, though all this I have gotten to know all of them so well. Maybe it was a good thing, in a gross sort of way.

A situation may arise that I have classes cancelled the later part of this week and get a chance to go home. I told Mikey about this and he seemed really excited and hoped that it did happen. Corey somehow found out that this might happen so he texted me to hit him up if I come back so I can, according to him, "Show me some stuff :p". I assume by "stuff" he meant editing, but I'd like to show him some other stuff as well :P.

In OTHER other news, I wished this cute guy that I don't know a happy birthday on Facebook this morning, and he responded saying he was looking forward to seeing me around campus. Funnily enough, I saw him later today walking alone at this festival type thing we had. I wanted to say hi to him, but since I hadn't seen him in person before I wasn't sure if it was him. I messaged him on Facebook when I got back saying I thought I saw him and he confirmed that I probably did because he was there alone. Anyways, long story short, we are making plans to do something together Thursday. I'm extremely excited about that. His name is Lyle. Short with brown hair, light colored eyes. Smooth skin and the looks of a 16 year old boy. The perfect college guy for me.

We will see how things go Thursday with the next update. Hopefully there will be lots to write about Lyle by then and not Brad or Tyler.

- Tristan

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    Those were fun days. You'll be fine. Unless you're in the Bible Belt you may want to come out to your roomies. Or their girlfriends. Girls at that age think gay guys are cute.

    Kids are great and you sound like a good mentor. All the better reason to work hard to keep your reputation intact. Be careful what you say and do 'publicly'.

    You're bringing back memories. Time to rent "Animal House"....