Thursday, August 11, 2011

3..2..1, You're Outta Here!

It honestly doesn't feel like 3 days since I last updated. I guess that's mainly because not too much has happened since last entry. I haven't talked to Mikey in two days and even though he was supposed to be home this morning. I'm getting anxious, and not because I haven't heard from him, but because after today we have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to see each other and that's about it. He starts school Monday and then Tuesday I'm gone. I haven't had an emotional breakdown yet but I expect it to hit me pretty soon.

Another big issue is hanging out with friends before I leave. I've hit most of the major ones this past week but there is still one I need to see before I go. She's been my best friend all year and I owe it to her to hang out before I leave. But with her busy work schedule it's made it hard to do. I feel horrible for admitting this, but it almost feels like us hanging out will get in the way with my time with Mikey. Even though I've known Mikey for 3 months (closely that is) and her for almost two years, I still feel that spending time with him is more important. Am I a bad friend? Because honestly, I can survive if I miss a chance to see her before I go, but if I miss out on seeing Mikey, I don't know if I can make it very long. I need to tell him bye, even if it's only for 5 minutes. I want to hug him, something I've never done before. And I want it to last, for both of us, until I come back on break. I know that I will miss him, no matter what, but I think having that physical closure would give us something to hold onto until I return.

As for Corey, our plans to meet up didn't work out. Dylan decided we would film at Justin's house instead. We were both upset about it and said we would try to find another time to meet, but we realized that wasn't very likely with me leaving so soon. Oh well, I think we will still text and stuff while I'm gone. It might can be something I work on when I get back.

So my question to you guys is, how will I handle myself if worse-comes-to-worse and I don't see Mikey before I leave?

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  1. See him. Go to his house and say bye. He's your best friend.