Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Boys Do

As you may have noticed, I've decided to start each post with an image relevant to the entry. Just to spice things up a bit.

Today was a little different than usual because I hung out with a friend (the one who Mikey read texts to and from) that I haven't seen since last month. She and I were never really close until the last part of the school year, during which I opened up with her a lot. She doesn't know that I like younger boys, but she knows I like Mikey. We went out to lunch and then went to see a movie. About half way through my phone started to vibrate... it was Mikey. I really wanted to answer but also wanted to enjoy the movie. So I declined it and continued watching. About 15 minutes later it vibrated again, by Mikey, again. I decided to step outside of the theater and call him back. When I did, he told me that he was bored and wanted to talk. I told him I was at the movies and after a few minutes of telling me to please talk to him right then, he finally let me go (He later told me that he didn't realize I was AT the movies, he just thought I was watching one at home).

After the movie I called him back on the way home. We talked for a bit, and as soon as I got in the door, he asked if I could come over. So I grabbed a drink then headed out.

We started out as usual, sitting on his bed while he checked his Facebook and YouTube subscriptions. After about 30 minutes I told him I wanted to check my Facebook, but he wouldn't hand me the laptop. I reached over the grab it, which caused him to hold it further away from me. So this game again... I got in a position where I wrapped my legs around him and held one of his hands while he continued to use the laptop. I told him I would stay that way until he gave it to me, but he responded that he didn't care. This was actually a very comfortable position for me, because I basically had his whole body wrapped under my legs WHILE holding his hand. After a while though he grabbed for my phone, which I didn't give up as easily as last time after what happened. This led to more wrestling, and I purposely let him grab a hold to it so I could wrestle him for it. It was one of the best moments of our "physical relationship". We pretty much touched every part of each others body while play fighting, and I even grabbed his butt and crotch, trying to get him to drop the phone, but he didn't seem to mind and went on with it. At one point he let me have it back, but when I wasn't looking he jumped onto my back and I laid flat on my stomach, he grabbed under me (touching me you know where) until he finally pulled it out. He took off running into the living room until I grabbed him and thew him onto the couch, where we continued to wrestle. This time I purposely held him in a hugging/cuddling position and told him that if he didn't give it back I would make him have sex with me. He told me that I better not then threw me off of him and ran into the storage closet with my phone and locked the door. It was pretty easy to convince him to give it back, and when he did I put a password on it, just in case he did get a hold of it again.

After all the wrestling (about 30 minutes boy-on-boy time) we were both completely out of breath, but laughing and smiling because we both enjoyed it. Afterwards he got in the shower and told me to bring him a towel, and when I did I told him he had to step out of the shower to get it from me. He refused to do so, and I only gave in because I had to drop him off somewhere soon. He told me that he would tell everyone that I tried to rape him, but I told him that I would tell everyone that he enjoyed my attempt at raping him, haha.

It's weird, I never had any guy friends to play fight with when I was younger. After about 4th grade I started hanging out with only girls. There may have been one kid in 5th grade that I would play "secret agent" with and we would tumble around on the floor during PE, but not nearly as much as I did with Mikey today and Sunday. I guess it's a normal boy thing, and I really enjoyed it. I guess it might be the closest we come to "fooling around" with each other, so why not enjoy it? He knows I'm gay, and that I have a crush on him, but he doesn't mind grabbing each other in his bed. There's nothing to complain about.

Hopefully he will be interested in doing the same tomorrow. We'll see.

-Hulk Hogan

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  1. BL check: did you get a boner? Did he?