Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tristan Answers #1

I haven't received as many questions as I would have liked, but I figured I had enough to go ahead and write the entry. On a side note, I tried sharing the blog on other boylover websites, and they weren't as receptive as I would have liked. Apparantly they think this blogging thing is too darn dangerous for me and I'm at a huge risk. I hope you (my regular readers) do not feel that way and see more than this "danger" they speak of in my posts.

But now to the questions:

Suppose Mikey comes back from the beach and says he's decided he's gay and wants to be in a relationship with you. What happens then? You'll soon be off to college. Would you try to make it work long-distance?
As if that would ever happen, haha. But yes, I think I would try to make it work. Especially while we are still together. But I think that I won't hold him to it once I go away. I will tell him to not feel like he has to stay true to me, but if he ever needs me I'm always here for him. And when I come back (breaks/summer) we can decide from there if we want to continue our relationship. I don't think I would be too hurt if he didn't want to because I'm happy that he has accepted himself.

What happens when Mikey ages out of your "age of attraction"? Will you have to end the relationship? What if he's not ready to end it at that point?
I think once I'm hooked on a person, I'm hooked for good. Even when I don't find them as physically attractive as I once did. For me it isn't all about physical attraction. The only issue is, that's the only thing separating me from being bi. Do I think that I will be as attracted to him as I once was? No. But at least I have that memory of him and hopefully by then we would have developed something much deeper.

Do you see yourself as needing to have a series of relationships with a series of boys?
 No. I am the type to be true to one person. Even know I feel bad about liking other boys other than Mikey. And I know that as I get older, relationships with the guys I find attractive will become harder and harder to come across. I do see myself in relationships with older guys, but that doesn't mean I'm still not attracted to younger ones. I just know that I will have reached a point where the likelihood and possible lawsuits of that would be impossible. But yes, I do plan on working with children in the future, but not as in "relationships".

At the end of a previous post you made, you wrote that the next post would be on "experimentation." But then the next post was about your coming out to Mikey, and apparently you either never got back to this intended topic, or thought better of it. Will you ever discuss this topic on your blog?
There is not a reason that I did not write on this topic. As mentioned, the next day was a huge milestone that I needed to record. After that I completely forgot about my idea on doing an entry based on that. Now that I think about it, I really wouldn't have much to write on that topic because I have very little experience with it. If I did, it would be about my views on it and how it affects (or doesn't affect) sexuality. But yes, I may decide to write on it some day.

What made you start the blog Tristan Talks?
As mentioned in other entries, this is not my first blog discussing the topic. I decided to start Tristan Talks because I wanted a fresh start, meaning I would be more descriptive, more personal, and more secure. I started blogging about my sexuality mainly for myself, and I would definitely recommend it, even if it is just in a personal journal. Getting it out in words instead of just your head is relaxing and helps take the pressure off. Plus, I wanted to find people I could relate to, who are going through the same things as me, and hopefully be of help to them in their dark times.

That is about it for the questions. I will do another one of these whenever I receive enough questions. I'm curious why I didn't receive any more this time. Is there a reason a lot of you didn't ask anything? If you are hesitant about emailing me, then please let me know and I will come up with other ways for you to submit questions. I want this to be a time where you can interact with me, because I feel doing so will help make this blog more relevant and personal with my readers.


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  1. That a boylover will stay with the same boy after he has passed the age of attraction and we live happily ever after is the Gold Ring of Boylove Lore. Don't fool yourself. It has never happened. If it has, I'd like to know about it. Loving boys is who we are. Yes, I can have feelings for someone older, even grow old together. But my life mate has to understand what I'm attracted to- that will never change. To think otherwise is leading a life of denial and dissatisfaction.