Saturday, July 23, 2011

Touch Me

I apologize for no new updates since Wednesday. I was expecting Mikey to come over on Thursday to record for the new video, but only Dylan and Justin could make it. We still had a good time though, but were only together for about an hour until we finished then played some Xbox before Justin's mom picked him up (he's not allowed to ride with me because his mom doesn't like him riding with a teenager...whatever!). He got his hair cut, and I think it looks better on him, but I can tell that he's starting to mature in his face. His brother Nemo is still cuter, and looks younger. But they both have sexy, pre-pubescent voices haha.

Later Thursday night, Mikey called me. I was assuming it was to tell me to come get him so he could do his parts, but he actually said he couldn't but he was bored and wanted to talk to someone. That was fine with me. We talked about how things went with Dylan and Justin. We also talked about videos he had watched that day and what he had for dinner. This was the first time he's ever called me without a real reason. It actually reminded me of phone calls with my ex-girlfriend (long story, it was from 5th-9th grade, nothing real, not even a hug). I don't know why I compare his call to hers, maybe it's just because it was about mostly pointless stuff but we both enjoyed it. Who knows.

Mikey came over on Friday alone to record some of his parts. I was disappointed when he told me that he had to be home in an hour, so we rushed it and didn't have any interesting discussions. The most interesting thing that happened was he randomly said "Fuck me in the butt" while recording. I turned to him, and said "no thanks". No more was said about it and we went on. We planned to maybe meet up Saturday (today) to pick out his costume. Oh, and I gave him my old webcam so he could use it to Skype me when I go off to college.

Oh and a quick update about Frankie. Friday was the last day of camp but I think it went really well and even though I was sad that I wouldn't see him anymore, I managed to take a few really good pics of him to keep forever. I also fixed his hair by running my fingers through it before the show. It felt really good, mainly because of the fact he trusted me with doing it. I have noticed that I have become more and more obsessed with touch lately. Not sexual, but touch in general. Is that normal?

So today came. It was a pretty quiet morning. Dylan texted me asking if we were filming today but I told him no. While I was eating lunch my phone rang. It was Mikey. I quickly tried to finish chewing and swallow, then answered. When we first started talking, he didn't get to the point if he could come today, so I had to ask. Again, he was acting different on the phone than before. I've mentioned that his voice changes from a cute high-pitched voice to a low not-so-cute voice. I guess it's just his voice's way of changing but it's been this way for a year now. Anyways, this entire call was in his high voice. It almost sounded flirtatious even. He told me that his mom told him that if he asked his dad if there were any chores he needed to do and if not he could come with me. So I told him to ask, but his response was interesting..

(M=Mikey , T=Tristan)
M: I can't.
T: What? Why can't you ask?
M: I'm scared.
T: Of your dad?
M: Yes, he intimidates me, and he's in the living room watching tv.
T: Oh... but think about it, if he says no that means you can get out of the house.
M: I'm sitting outside. If I go ask, will you stay on the phone?
T: Okay, I'll be here if anything happens, haha.
M: Thanks.
M: That was scary.
T: Did you do it?
M: Yes.
T: And?
M: I can go.

I just wanted to share that conversation because of what he mentioned about his dad. I knew he didn't like him, but not enough that he was scared to ask him something. When I got there to pick him up his dad was cutting grass and his mom was in the garage. She smiled and waved at me, he ignored me. As I was backing out of the driveway Mikey told me to hurry up so his dad wouldn't see me. I assume something happened recently between them but I didn't ask. When we got to the mall and passed a yogurt place he said he wanted to stop by there and would pay for mine, but I told him to wait until after we bought his costume. I thought it was nice of him to offer to buy me something. We went in Hot Topic (he had never been in there) and looked for a shirt. I asked what size he was but he didn't know, so he told me to check. I put my hand down his shirt along his back (completely unnecessary but he didn't seem to notice or mind lol), but the tag was missing. So he tried on a few things and finally found one he liked. We also made a Wal-mart stop to look for lipstick for him, and I was actually surprised that he wasn't uncomfortable in the makeup section. Most straight guys are. Afterwards we went to McDonalds. It was like old times. I REALLY enjoy eating out with just him. It feels as close to a date as I can come. He did the leg thing like he did the last time where he would put them across the booth beside me, but didn't keep them for as long that way this time, so I didn't get a chance to touch them to see how he would react. Oh well. I took him home after.

So while this was nothing special, I enjoy our alone time more and more the closer it gets time for me to go away to college. He said he isn't allowed to use the computer anymore until he pays his parents money he owes them so he can't set up his webcam yet but will when he can. I look forward to talking to him on it, maybe he will be more comfortable being open with me through that instead of in person.

That's all I can think of updating you on today. We may film tomorrow but I won't be alone with him so I don't think much interesting will happen. We'll see...


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