Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I just wanted to do a quick update while I wait on Lion to install on my Mac, then I'm going to bed. For the past week I have been helping out at a children's theatre with a summer camp. Not much worth mentioning, the kids are really cool. About 15 girls and only 2 boys. One boy I have no interest in at all... he's chubby and a little.... slow for his age. On the other hand, this other kid Frankie (10 years old) is adorable. Not in the same category of cute as I put Mikey, but not necessarily just "little kid cute" either. I didn't talk to him much the first two days of camp (it's just me and my old drama teacher doing it). However, today I decided to stand in the lobby and watch them after camp was over until their parents arrived. Most of the other kids just talked among themselves, but I noticed that Frankie was wandering around in his own world. I have noticed before that when the other kids are sitting in a row of chairs, he chooses to sit in a row far away from them by himself. I'm not sure if he's just shy or he likes to keep to himself. Whatever it is, I was surprised when he turned and talked to me in the lobby. We started out talking about the elevator (he asked where it went) and I think from that point on he became comfortable with me, and I really enjoyed it. We talked for about 10 minutes before his mom came to pick him up, at that time he had wandered to the window but before he left he came back to me and said "Bye Tristan". I told him bye and waved as he left. I really love kids that age, especially boys. The girls in the camp are cute too, but I seem to have more of a connection with boys. I am sad that there are only 2 more days of the camp left. I will try to make the most of it with him though.

This is the longest "Less than a minute remaining" ever...

As for Mikey, things have been running smoothly the past few days. Nothing extremely good, nothing extremely bad. But overall, pretty good. Today he and Dylan came over to write a script but Mikey was very physical with me, shooting a toy gun in my ear until I grabbed it from him and hit him with it. We did a lot of this play fighting, then actually wrestled a bit on the floor. Not long enough to truly enjoy it though. Dylan did knee him in his nuts and Mikey pulled his pants down to show him how his dick was red, but didn't turn for me to see, most likely cause Dylan had been calling him gay most of the time. Although at one point when we were sitting at my desk, I wrapped my leg around Mikey's and he didn't react, and we sat that way for about 10 minutes. I'm not sure what his thoughts on it were but he didn't seem to mind.

Well Lion is done installing and I want to play around with it a little before bed, so I'll end here. Hopefully something interesting happens with Mikey soon, less than a month less. Even if it doesn't, I will be happy with what we have had.



  1. Hi Tristan, good to hear from you. You're such a BL, 15 girls and you talk about the 2 boys ;) 2BPH was worried about you cuz Mikey was going away for a few days.

    If you're ever depressed don't stay silent. There are people who read this blog that will cheer you up! :)