Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Request: Reader Questions

Day 5 without Mikey. Surprisingly I'm surviving. Especially after he commented on one of my statuses joking about being pregnant saying to "stop with the gay stuff". That kind of made me mad a bit... okay a lot. Luckily my friends saw it and defended me. I feel that he kind of got what he deserved, but then again I hope h's not too upset about it for me not defending him. We will see if he ever brings it up.

I wanted to write a quick entry for something new I'm thinking of trying. I want to occasionally do a post answering you guys' questions. Either about my life, anything I post about, or things I don't post about. This ia chance for you to interact with me and ask those burning questions you've been dying to ask. Doesn't matter how personal, sexual, or disturbing they may be. Well, to an extent at least haha.

Please send your questions to TristanTalks@gmail.com. I will not share your name or email when I do the entry, only the question you ask. Please send me some, even if you think they may not be good enough. I'd rather answer many simple questions than only one or two detailed ones.

Thanks, and I look forward to reading your questions!


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