Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love vs. Morality

I started to post this last night but was in a Skype call so kept getting distracted, sorry for the delay.

A lot has happened with Mikey over the past few days but I figured I would focus on the topic that would be most interesting to read about.

Over the last week or so there has been a lot of drama in our group, much of which I tried to avoid. Mikey and Dylan are going to the beach together from the 2nd - 9th. A few of the others wanted to work on a separate video while they were gone. I didn't have a problem with it, but when Mikey and Dylan found out about it they raised hell. A lot of arguing and swearing back and forth between all of them. Then it came to the point where Dylan called me and basically said he's kicking them out of the group and I had to chose a side, his and Mikey's, or theirs. Now remember, the others hadn't done or said anything to me to make me feel any hatred towards them. Actually I thought Mikey and Dylan were being really immature reacting like that. But when confronted with this question, I basically had two options:

1) Side with Mikey and Dylan
Doing so would cause an instant breakup of the group. Meaning no more videos, unless Mikey or Dylan wanted to. Ajnd lately they had been really off and on with keeping the group or not. The plus side would be I would gain more respect from Mikey and essentially grow closer to him because I chose him over the rest. This could result in more alone time with him and could eventually lead to more...

2) Side with the other 3 members of the group
Doing so would cause a strong negative reaction with Mikey and Dylan. They would cut off contact with me, at least for a while. I don't think it would be for very long though, knowing them and what I hope has caused Mikey to become somewhat attached to me. Like I said, the other members hadn't done anything to me, and all they wanted to do is start another video with Mikey and Dylan were on vacation, just to keep things moving. They weren't trying to exclude them from the group, like they took to be true. So it would go against my morals (fairness to all) to just be like "screw them" and side with Mikey.

So as you can see it was a very difficult situation, especially to be confronted on the spot by phone. There were a lot of long and awkward pauses on my end.

I ended up deciding not to take a side, but instead said "I help anyone with videos, I'm not taking sides because it would be unfair to the other guys to just ditch them after I told them I would help. I would obviously prefer to work with you and Mikey, but I'm not going to cut them off like you want me to do".

Soon after that I went to bed. I was feeling very uneasy about the whole situation. I didn't want Mikey to hate me for not siding with me, but I knew that I did the right thing.

The next day I hung out with my other friend. Mikey tried calling me at one point but I ignored it and messaged him on Facebook saying I would call him back later. Well I found out from Dylan (by text) that they had all made up and we were all one group again. WTF?? After all that drama the night before, you "made up"?? Whatever, I told them all the drama was unnecessary.

Later that night I went to Mikey's house for some one-on-one editing practice, but he spent most of the time making a "special" video for me called "Just Try It" using the song "I Kissed a Girl", haha. But I enjoyed our time together, we had a lot of interesting eye-contact moments, where we would look at each other without saying anything for a few seconds at a time. Is that a normal thing that people do when they like each other.

Since Mikey is at the beach for the rest of the week, be looking for more specific topics about issues. If you have any suggestions please email them to


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  1. Hey Tristan,
    A regular reader just letting you know thanks for sharing. Not much to say. Keep up the good work, you're keeping a level head. It may be a tough week so be nice to yourself. Take yourself out to a movie or something.

    I'm dating someone right now who I'm very in love with but we haven't done anything yet. Yes, those eye locking moments are the best. Especially when we catch each other and it leads to a laugh :)