Monday, July 11, 2011

Like a Girl Changes Clothes

I set my alarm for 10:45 this morning, but turned it off and fell back asleep. my phone went off again at 11:45, and as I reached over to silence it, I realized it wasn't my alarm, but Mikey calling.

I answered, trying to make my voice sound as awake as possible.

"Hey. Were you awake?"
"Yeah, what's up?"
Umm, my parents changed their mind. My mom is getting off early so you can come pick me up and we can go get props"
"Okay. Well i just woke up like 15 minutes ago so I have to get ready first"
"'(laughing) You're just like Dylan. Okay well I'll call you back when she gets home"
"Okay, bye"

Yeah, I lied a little, but only in an attempt to make him think I don't sleep my summer away, even though I do.

I have to admit that today was probably the quickest I have ever gotten ready in my life. I jumped out of bed and got a quick glass of milk, jumped into the shower, and continued with my regular routine at about 5 times the regular speed. When I finished, I saw I had a missed call exactly 3 minutes ago. I called him back and said I was on my way now. I grabbed a granola bar and headed out the door.

After picking him up, he told me he needed to be back in 2 hours. It kind of saddened me, but I figured that I would try to make the best of it. Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" came on my iPod, and Mikey told me that he dedicated that song to me. I told him I had a song to dedicate to him, so I played "Ur So Gay"

Haha, but he laughed at it. We got to the store and ended up spending almost $100 on props. We had already planned on a way to split it up with the other group members, but it still seemed like a lot. We were happy with what we got though.

We made a stop at Justin's house on the way back to drop off some things we would use tomorrow and then went back to Mikey's house. I convinced him to call his mom and ask if I could stay a while and help put things together. She said no, but told him we could do it at my house, so we did.

We worked for some time on making an intro video, and then started messing around on Facebook. My brother's friends were over here also so he felt a little awkward around them. I had to walk him to the kitchen and bathroom so he didn't have to walk by them alone, haha. Nothing special happened, but we did do a lot of touching (not like THAT). But for example I brushed off something from the back of his neck, I guided his hand on the mouse showing him how to do stuff, and we brushed our arms together a lot. Any kind of physical contact with him is nice.

At about 5:30 he said he should probably head home. So we drove to his house and he continued to sit in my car. He told me that he didn't want to leave. He told me i would have to push him out. Another opportunity for physical contact. So i opened the door and began gently pushing him, he didn't budge. When I started to get out and pull him out, he decided to get out himself. Too bad...

He told me not to leave until he got into the house. And good thing he did. First of all he left his phone in my car, second, the spare key was missing. He came back and called his mom, who told him they had taken it away and for him to just go to his grandma's house. So I drove him there which was luckily only  a few miles away. She wasn't home...

He told me it was time for plan 3. I asked what that was, and he scrolled on his phone until he came to my number. I played dumb and pretended like i didn't get what he was saying, but i eventually said "You want to come back to my house?". He laughed and said yes. So we headed back to my place.

I let him play my Xbox, which was probably a bad idea because he sat there for a few hours. One good thing came out of it though. When he didn't know how to do something he held his controller in his lap and I showed him what to do. Meaning my hands were so close to his crotch. I actually brushed against it at times but he didn't seem to mind. he squirmed a little once but that was it. It's also worth mentioning that while we were on my computer and i was reaching over him, he "bumped" up out of his seat so my arm hit his "parts". I ignored it, but I should have said, "If you wanted me to touch you there you could have just asked". 

He ate dinner with us, and then we went to my room to watch videos. Nothing much happened between then and the time his mom picked him up (10pm). I said goodbye and his mom thanked me for letting him stay so long.

So yeah, while nothing special really happened between us, i really enjoyed the day with just us together for about 9 hours. At times I got a little sick of him, but never enough that I wanted him to leave. I like feeling close to him.

IN CLOSING, I wasn't really sure where to put this where it would stand out, but it is probably the most important part of this entry. It was something Mikey said to me that seemed half-joking and half-serious. When I told him he could play the Xbox alone and didn't have to take turns, he said to me:

"You're my new best friend."

I responded with "Sure...", but he later explained that he was serious and that he was starting to not like Dylan like he used to. This felt like a really special moment between us, because even though he knows I'm gay and that i like him, he considers me his best friend.

Now you see why I can't get over this kid...

More to come tomorrow,

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  1. Thanks for sharing a special moment, gave me goose bumps. Mikey needed you that day and you were there for him.

    I can say confidently you're no perv. I would have come up with tons of ways to 'accidentally' touch him or horseplay or get him to fool around. But you're a gentleman and kudos to you :)