Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Write to Save Yourself

“Write to save yourself, and someday you’ll write because you’ve been saved.”

Interesting quote from a movie I just watched called "Fugitive Pieces". Thinking back, I wish I had done a better job of Chronicling my life in years past. I would love to go back and read what I had experienced and thought in my younger years, but I never had the initiative to write. It wasn't until December, 2006 that I began blogging my life. But even then I kept out personal details and thoughts that were non-traditional. Heck, my first blog post was about taking back one of my brother's Christmas presents and exchanging it... yeah. I'll have to read through the entries sometime to see if there is anything worth sharing that might have given details into my interest of guys I guess I was 13 when I first started writing regularly, but it wasn't consistent, stopped for a few years and so on.

I did however find an old blog post on my other blog I had about being bisexual which I thought I was at the time that I posted the day after I first saw Mikey. I described him as 3 times cuter than my previous crush. I first saw him at a drama club meeting, and the fact that he was into drama made him so much more interesting. I said I'd love to get cast in a play with him, then I'd get to talk to him and learn his name. I ended with declaring how cute he was and that I NEEDED to see him again. I wrote that in August of last year. The reason I don't connect the two blogs is because back then I wasn't being entirely honest with every detail, now I am (as much as possible). Plus I feel I have improved as a writer since then.

Anyways, Mikey came home Sunday but immediately went out of town to stay with his grandma. I only got to chat with him for a little bit but he claimed last week was "the best week of my life". Whatever that means. Oh, and I also should mention that his best friend talked to him on the phone and later told me that something was different about him, he couldn't really determine what, but he said he seemed more short spoken and aggressive than usual. Hmm.... it makes me wonder what REALLY happened at camp. Could one week really change how someone acts with people they have known for years? I know one things for sure, it better not change how he is with me. Unless it's for the better.

That's about all the details I have now, I'll tell you more when I figure anything out.


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