Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Feeling MUCH better today. Well, more-so yesterday.

I texted Mikey's friend pretty early and asked if he were still interested in going to the movies (I knew he was with Mikey), but he said he didn't have any money. I said I would cover snacks and stuff and then he said okay. I was excited. I get to see Mikey after 2 weeks. We planned a time and I started to get ready, but then I got a text from him saying Mikey had to stay home and watch his sister....

I was a little pissed, but in a way I half expected it. So I went on with my day, being bored. I made a trip to the bank just to pass time.

Then at 8:45, Mikey posted in our Facebook group "Halo 4". Me, seeking any interaction with him at all, responded "?". He then said he and his friend were going to see Super 8. Okay, then I was REALLY pissed. But I decided not to show it because I figured that was what he wanted, so I simply responded "have fun...". Luckily, afterwards he said I could meet them there. THANK GOD.

But all of a sudden, I had a sense of doubt. Something made me feel like I was being set up, and they weren't actually going. On the drive there I kept pondering ways I would cover myself if it were. I even thought about texting another friend and having them pretend to have gone with me so I could say something like "Being set up doesn't work when you expect it to be one in the first place. Had a great time at the movies with (friend's name here)." As I was pulling into the theater, I saw Mikey and his friend walking. PHEW! I parked and then called his friend and found out where they were. They told me to meet them at my car (after I had left) but I decided to meet them half way. Then they demanded I take them to Taco Bell. So I did. 15 minutes before the movie started. I bought their meal but they had to share. Mikey seemed normal at the time...

Then on the car ride back to the theater he brought up things he learned at camp. Something along the lines of "homosexuality is a sin people are born with that they have to overcome". We had a whole argument over this, and I thought of better points to make afterwards, but I basically said "It's up to each person to decide what they consider a sin, the Bible doesn't say anything against homosexuality directly". This discussion continued into the theater up until the movie started. He claimed that the sins he has to overcome are "anger and masturbation", haha.

I had a good time with them in the movie, although I think I spent more time watching Mikey than the movie. It was funny because every time there was a jump scare he would REALLY jump. And it was definitely real too, haha. He said he hated scary movies. In the middle of the movie he asked "is it illegal to masturbate in a theater?". I wanted to respond "not if no one finds out about it" but his friend answered first with the whole "public nudity". Darn it! Haha, but I did see Mikey grabbing himself a lot during the movie and sticking his hand up the leg of his shorts. He kept looking at me as well. Hmm...

I guess I have pretty much scrapped my plan of ignoring him. He's so irresistible. I didn't think I would like his new shorter haircut but I do. It makes him look younger and highlights his perfect face more. After the movie his mom picked him up, but not before I walked him to my car and made out with him.... wait that didn't happen. Actually I made him clean up the mess he left. But it was alone time and I liked it.

We were supposed to meet today to work on another video but everyone had too many conflicts. Tomorrow is out too because he is going to an amusement park with his friend. But yesterday was an experience that will last a while. That is, until I get another chance to be with him alone.


In other news, I have been trying to improve the website. I'm working on setting up a chat room where I will visit occasionally and chat with you guys, as well as MAYBE do voice chats in the future maybe once a week or so. Would you guys want that? It's kind of like a broadcast, but no camera, just voice, and you guys can type and ask questions and stuff. If so, what would be the best time of day for me to do that? I know you all come from different parts of the world, but what time (Eastern Standard Time) would you be able to come and watch....err listen?

I also made an email address where you can contact me personally at TristanTalks@gmail.com . I'll try to respond as often as possible but I'd rather answer your questions in a blog entry. So if you don't hear back from me be looking for a blog post where I give an answer.

If you can think of any more ideas and ways for me to improve the site, let me know.


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