Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was going to post this earlier today since it applies to last (Friday) night. I was having another lazy day, but was hoping Mikey might ask me to come over like he did on Thursday. Lucky enough, at about 4 he IMed me asking if I could come over to try and record again. I didn't expect much progress but it's not like I would turn him down. This time his friend Dylan would be there, and I had to pick him up before I went to Mikey's house. After getting him, he told me while he and Mikey were at the beach next week he would try to get Mikey his first real kiss by meeting girls. He said that Mikey didn't like this idea, which wouldn't surprise me because every time Dylan mentions something to do with meeting girls Mikey is always against it. Hmm...

Anyways, after spending about 2 hours recording the song, we started writing a script for another video but then decided to go swimming. Well I didn't, but they did. Mikey always lets Dylan borrow a swimsuit, which of course I couldn't fit anyways, but they never seem to ask if I want to. Anyways, I went outside to watch them swim, especially Mikey. Every time we are out there alone Mikey brings up me being gay. Today he and Dylan (Dylan is the only one of Mikey's friends that knows about me being gay) were asking what I liked about Mikey. Of course, I could tell you in detail what I like about him, but it's much harder when he's one of the ones asking you. I just kept responding "I don't know". At one point he said "I know it's not my dick because it's so small, so I don't know what you like about me". I told him it's not about that, and Dylan seemed to understand and said "Is it just his personality and looks in general". I said yes, nothing specific about him makes me like him.

After we moved on from that conversation (THANK GOD), Dylan and I proceeded to talk about Mikey when he went underwater. Dylan thinks Mikey is gay (they are best friends), but doesn't have anything specific to make him think that, he just does. He asked what I thought, and I said "I really don't know, if he is gay he's in denial with himself right now". Mikey finally caught on that we were talking about him and got out of the pool. Dylan went inside to get his phone.

So it was just Mikey and I standing there together...and what does he do? Take off his bathing suit right in front of me, stands there for about 3 seconds, then grabs a towel. My response..."Really??". Of course, he said he'll dry faster that way.

Now, when I first experienced this I took it to be one of his joking antics that he has done many times before, but the more I think about it, the timing of it wasn't just a coincidence. First, we had just finished discussing what I liked about his looks, and I said everything. Second, he did this when Dylan went inside. If he had done it while he were out there, it would have been done as a joke (Mikey always flashes his dick around Dylan because he thinks it's funny). But the fact he did it just in front of me, makes me think he was doing it for other reasons as well. Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

Later at night, we were sitting on the porch talking and Mikey kept grabbing his crotch and putting his hands in his pants, he caught me looking and said "stop looking at my dick Tristan". I took my own advice from the last entry and responded "I wouldn't be looking if you weren't constantly grabbing, touching, and playing with yourself like this" while I mimicked him with my hands in my pants. Dylan agreed with me and said Mikey always did that "because he has crabs" according to him. This little conversation didn't stop him from doing it either.

Even later in the night (about 12am), we were still on the porch but Mikey brought out his laptop. His dad had joined us on the porch and was discussing college and the job market and stuff. Mikey was obviously bored. I scooted my chair close beside his and he turned to me and said "gay". I scooted even closer but he didn't respond again. We watched videos, and after a while Dylan came to join us. Mikey turned the laptop so Dylan could see, which made me have to lean closer to Mikey to see it. I wasn't touching him, but very close. At one point I even said "turn it more my way, I feel like I'm all up on you". He did, but a few minutes later turned it back so I had to do it again. Yet again he didn't seem to mind.

His battery died around 1am so they decided they were going to bed (Dylan was spending the night) so I left. Overall, it was a great afternoon and night. Not as good as Thursday when I had alone time with Mikey, but still fun. Besides, 7 hours with the love of your life is sure to make any day great.

It's worth mentioning that about an hour ago I changed my Facebook relationship status to "Engaged" with a girl-friend of mine. I jokingly IMed Mikey and told him "Thanks for the interest, but I'm engaged now. I know you love me, but I just don't like you like that."

His response:

"Thank God."


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  1. I read your blog as often as I can. Your story is very absorbing. Teenage years are so hard as we learn about life and love.

    Remember Mikey's age. He's testing you. Be patient and be honest. If you're caught looking at him, don't lie. He wants to know if you are who you really say you are. Be honest.

    Did Mikey go to a religious camp? All the camps I remember were more gay than not ;)

    Dylan is an asset. Don't be jealous. He seems less uptight about gays than Mikey. Dylan definitely sees Mikey's interest in you and that's why he's teasing him. Mikey may not be gay, but he likes you. Mikey may be misinformed and think if he has feelings for you he'll 'turn' gay. You can help him understand.

    Science shows we are all bi-sexual. We are born with both sexual organs, just one gets developed. Being gay just means you prefer your own sex. That doesn't mean you can't have strong feelings, love, or even have sex with someone of the opposite sex. It is quite common for straight teenage boys to experiment with each other. Society puts labels and promotes fear that gives boys serious hangups.

    Mikey is flirting with you. He looks up to you and may want to experiment. But before you go there you have to ask yourself: how will you react? Will you get too attached? Will you have dreams of him being gay when you know that he isn't? Will you in fact be trying to 'turn' him gay like the bible thumpers claim?

    You already enjoy a nice relationship with a special person. You have ups and down and I'm grateful you share them with us. You have the chance to have something very magical and memorable for both yourself and Mikey. But it is all up to YOU.