Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today started out rather boring. Okay, I must say that the entire DAY was boring. I woke up at 11, and sat on the computer until about 5PM when I decided to go rent a movie. I hate summer days like this, with nothing to do but ponder why your life is so dull at times.

Everything changed at about 8pm though...

I received a text from Mikey's friend asking if I wanted to come over and record for the next video. Of course I said yes. So as I got my stuff together Mikey IMed me on Facebook and said his friend had to leave but just he and I could do it. EVEN BETTER.

So I got to his house and he helped me bring the stuff in from my car. I said hello to his mom and then we proceeded to set up in the dining room. He was rather quiet at first, but finally started to be his usual joking around self. So we started working on the video, but couldn't get past the first 2 lines of the song because his singing was so bad. Beautiful person, just not so beautiful voice. So after about 30 minutes he got frustrated and bored and decided to show me a YouTube video... which led to another... and another...... we stayed and watched videos together for hours. I didn't leave his house until 11:15. During that time a few interesting things happened.

While on Facebook, I mentioned that one of his friends was obsessed with him (I know the guy is gay, but he denied it before). But today he was like "I know.... but so are you". That kind of caught me off guard, but I decided to go along with it.

"I wouldn't say I'm obsessed..."
"Yeah yeah, that's why you've been asking me out so much lately"
"The movies, the mall..."
"I wasn't..."
"Don't deny it" (He says as hes smiling)
"I still don't consider that asking you out"
"Whatever, I'm not gay Tristan"
"I never said you were"

Hmm... the whole time he seemed to be in a joking tone so I kept up with it. It kind of felt like I was flirting with him, which I've never done with ANYONE before. I jokingly said I stalk his Facebook all the time, and he was like "I know you do".

I don't know whether to be upset that he's caught onto everything I do, or be happy that he's not oblivious. Either way he never told me to stop.

We then started a quick discussion about this guy we know that "turned straight" at the youth camp he went to. I explained to him you can't be turned straight.

This discussion later continued on Facebook after I got home...

Mikey: gay gay gay

Me: cant help ittt

Mikey: Andy changed so can u

Me: andy didnt change

Mikey: yes he did

Me: he may have just decided to not be out about it anymore

Mikey: hes not gay anymore

Me: if he is actually gay, he will always like guys, but he may live a lifestyle where he gets married and has kids. you can be gay and christian, i am

Mikey: tristan it doesnt work that way

Me: why doesnt it?

Mikey: it just doesnt

Me: i dont get why u think someone would chose to be gay, its one of the most horrible things in the world to live with unless u learn to accept urself. At some point you have to start thinking about this for yourself and not what someone preaches to you. If God were to come down today and tell me to my face "you cant get to heaven because you're gay" i would beg him to change me then because i cant do so myself, the best i could do is live a lie

Mikey: ok

Me: okay is all u have to say? lol
if ur gonna debate me if rather u at least make an effort

Mikey: i dont feel like de bating with u right now im tired

Me: well one day, im up for it lol
and ur gonna loooose

Mikey: sike

Anyways, as I was leaving his house he was like "I know your expecting something from me right now, but I'm not gay so.... bye!". I was confused at first, but then realized he meant like a goodbye kiss, so I responded "aww, maybe next time". He then flipped me off and went inside laughing.

So even though the day started out HORRIBLY boring, it had a great ending, all because of him. He jokingly said we should try working on the video again tomorrow (as if we would make any more progress). I dismissed it, but think I will bring it up again to him tomorrow. I really enjoy spending alone time with him, it's so much better. Plus I don't have to worry about getting caught staring. Although he did catch me looking at his crotch today, but it's not like I could help it cause he was scratching, adjusting, playing with it like every 3 seconds. He wasn't weirded out by it though, he just called me gay. I should have said "You're the one jacking off in front of me!" but didn't. I think I'll mention something along the lines of that next time to see how he reacts.

Until next time,

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