Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Most Erotic Moment of My Life

Until then anyways...

(Stole that quote from Titanic, but that's okay because it's true.)

Sunday, we all met early to film for our next video. I picked Mikey up at 9:50 and then we went to Walmart to shop for props. I made a special trip to McDonald's afterwards so he could get something to eat. Then we met at our friends' house to film. In this video, there was going to be one scene where they were all in tighty-whiteys, so we bought little kids' superhero briefs for all 5 of them. These guys are all ages 14-15, so it would be a tight fit.

When we got there, they were all excited to try them on, especially Mikey. They all went to corners of the room to change, while I waited on one of their beds, trying my hardest not to peak at any of them. I didn't want to make things awkward. When they got them on they actually said they liked them and wanted to keep them on. Not gonna lie, 2 of the 4 wearing them were HOTT (Mikey and Justin). Justin is 15, but he looks about 13. He isn't that attractive in the face but he has a FINE body. Anyways, I enjoyed seeing Mikey in them the most. He was a bit more pudgy than I imagines, but it didn't bother me. I was hoping to see the outline of his dick in the briefs but all I could see was a bulge, although he did show his pubes a lot in the beginning.

Once we started filming, they decided that they wanted to do the entire video in them. Obviously I had no opposition to this. All went great, and I managed to control my...desires better than I thought I could.Justin kept flashing his ball sack out of the side of his briefs, but that's all I managed to see from him. Although you could see the outline of his dick in them. It was small, but cute.

Then as we were thinking of ideas... I suggested one of them running naked away from their "mom" who was trying to dress them. They loved the idea. And guess who was first to volunteer to do it? Yep... Mikey. I was totally surprised by this, with him knowing that I was gay AND that I liked him. So... it happened. He and one of the other guys stripped all the way down to do the scene. The other guy had a nice dick but I don't find him attractive any other way. But Mikey... although it was hard to see his dick because of all the pubes, it was an instant turn on for me. I actually regret that I didn't look more. I kept trying not to stare because I didn't want him to get weirded out. So we filmed the scene... 7 times because it didn't "look right" according to me lol. After watching the footage I got to see it more but honestly it isn't as exciting as it was seeing in person. There was also a bubble bath scene with Mikey but it wasn't as exciting after I had already seen everything. Oh, and what was even more interesting was that after we finished filming he decided to change back into his regular underwear right in front of me, so I saw everything, again.

I hated that it had to end, but sadly, it did. I took Mikey home, but we didn't talk much because I let him play Angry Birds on my phone. When I got back to my house and got on Facebook to an IM from him.

"i know ur beating ur meat to my dick"
"nahh, it's not the same on video as seeing it in person"
"still...don't show that to anyone else"
"i won't. I hope I acted straight enough today"
"hmm, idk about that"
"Well its hard not to act gay when you have a bunch of guys naked and in their underwear"
"i know"

Anyways, that was about it for my big adventure. It really was something I will remember forever.

It's crazy thinking that back in December of last year I was just hoping I would get a chance to talk to him when he was selling tickets for one of our plays. And now I'm watching hims strip naked and run towards me (err.. the camera). It's incredible.

Oh and in more recent news, he texted me to come to his school after school today so we could film something. So I brought all my stuff and got there. We talked about the video... ended up watching YouTube videos.... and just talking in general. We didn't shoot anything. But of course, I didn't mind because I enjoy spending alone time with him. At one point he turned the laptop towards him and I climbed over him to see it. It was the most I had ever touched him, and he didn't seem to mind. He even kept it turned that way so I had to lean over him to see it.

Do I think he's gay? No. But curious? Most definitely. Why else would he be so willing to do all this stuff with me?

I love him, am I wrong for that?



  1. I'm not sure what laws are like where you are, but if something does happen with you and Mikey, it might not be a good idea to post it here.

  2. I agree with anonymous, everything is not for everybody. TRUST me. ;)