Friday, May 20, 2011

The Good Times Are Killing Me

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Been really busy with finishing out my senior year. Thank you for all your comments.

So to sum things up, I joined this group of freshman (including Mikey) to make videos together. We've met several times at Mikey's house to film and have been having a blast. I've gotten to really know him, and have went out to eat with just him several times. Even got in bed with him! Okay, maybe it was just to film a scene but hey, I enjoyed sitting on top of his legs while he was under the covers.

We've gotten really comfortable around each other and I like that. A few interesting things have happened worth mentioning though.

1) After the other guys left and I was at his house alone with him, he attempted to teach me a secret handshake. But the thing is, he couldn't remember how it went. So he grabbed my hand and kept trying it over and over until he just stopped to think about it. While still holding my hand. This lasted about 15 seconds. It could have been meaningless, but it sure felt right.

2) This one is smaller, but one day at his house he brushed against my butt 3 times. Could have been by accident, but 3 times...really?

Other than that, his drama class has been performing their class plays. Last night I took Mikey to school and fter the show he and I went out to eat. We were having a good time until he said I was being weird and awkward and seemed mad. To be honest, I felt fine. I made up the excuse that it was because it was my last full day of high school that it left me in a strange mood. But after that, I tried to cheer myself up and seem more peppy for him.

Then there was today...

I picked him up at his house like I did yesterday but when he got in the car he seemed upset. He told me he had gotten in an argument with his mom and couldn't go out to eat afterwards. Other than that, he was silent the rest of the trip. When we got to school he seemed better and it was a lot like yesterday. During the show I texted him about a plan to get his parents to let him go. After the show I met him in the lobby and told him good job and stuff. But he seemed really depressed. Said his performance sucked even though I strongly disagreed. Then his mom came up to him and congratulated him and stuff. Mikey wouldn't look at her and kept giving short answers. She told him he could go out to eat but that didn't seem to change his mood. She said her and his "dad" might go with us but sit at a different table. I said that I thought that was fine, but Mikey gave me a "Really?" look. I figured maybe that wasn't the best thing to say, but I was trying to help the situation by keeping her happy. She asked him for a hug but he gave a puny one and walked away. I felt bad for his mom. I mean, I understand they argued about something but that shouldn't be enough for him to treat her like that.

Anyways, Mikey's other friend wanted me to drop him off at the middle school after the show because he wasn't hungry. Mikey and I were still planning on going out to eat until we got there and he said he was going to. I told him he couldn't cause I told his mom I was taking him home. Then he stepped out of my car, called her, and then shut the door without saying bye and walked away.

I really don't know what's up. But I'm really worried for him, especially since his friend is only going to the event at the middle school to meet up with girls hes had sex with before. Idk, I just don't like it. I told Mikey to text me when he gets home so I'm really hoping he does because I REALLY need to ask "whats up with you?". I have been in this really weird/worried mood since I dropped him off. Something isn't right and I want to get to the bottom of it. I love him too much to see him suffer.


  1. I'm 37 years old and to this day I regret not telling my high school friend that I was in love with him. I tried to sit next to him everyday from the age of 13 to 17, at times I thought he was interested, but I never had the courage to tell him or ask him or to act on my feelings.

    This was a time where it had just become legal to be gay in New Zealand.

    My comment/advice is Go for it!

    To quote Nina Simone "Night time is my time for just reminiscing
    Regretting instead of forgetting with somebody else
    There'll be no one unless that someone is you "

  2. hi tristan somethin i recently found on facebook is ronan parke's real facebook pake well fan page that is but the cool thing is is he does really interact with his fans on there ! so if u would like to know what his real fan facebook page is please reply to this.

  3. Dear Tristan:

    Ever hear of Morgan Summer? More than 20 years ago, Morgan Summer was a 17-year-old gay high school senior who began writing a pioneering series of extremely candid, blog-entry-like newspaper columns, describing in intimate detail his thoughts, his experiences, and his personal feelings. His writing was eventually syndicated to four different gay publications in the Midwest and on the West coast. There's a whole website about him at which collects all of his work. Your writing reminds me of his. His second column, "One Night With You"
    (, for example, is mostly about his unrequited feelings for a freshman boy named Todd.

    I've been thinking about this whole age of consent issue, and about the fact that you've probably by now turned 18 (Happy Birthday!). I'm guessing you probably don't know (because most people don't) that the age of consent in the majority of the 50 United States is lower than 18. Yes, that's what I said. Read it again. In the majority of the 50 United States, the age of consent is lower than 18. The nationwide conspiracy of sex-hating, youth-hating adults has sworn to keep this a deep, dark secret, but I'm spilling the beans. In eight states, the age of consent is 17. In 30 more, it's 16. In only 12 states is the age of consent actually 18. Check it out:

    Furthermore, a majority of the 50 United States (though not the same majority) have what is called an "age gap provision." This means that minors who are no more than a certain number of years apart, and in some if not all cases adults and minors who are no more than a certain number of years apart are allowed to have sex. I think the range of these age gap provisions is usually three to five years. In short, there may be some states in which a 15-year-old could have sex with an 18-year-old without breaking the law (even half of the states where the aoc is 18 have age gap provisions of some kind). You need to look up the laws of your own state and read them. If you plan to attend college in a different state, you should also look up the laws of that state.

    Beware, though. There are some weird quirks in this business. You're not allowed to go "age of consent" shopping by taking your partner to or agreeing to meet him in a state with a more favorable age of consent, or even cross state lines to have sex that would be legal in both your states (if either of you is under 18), or even travel to another country to have sex with someone who lives there (if either of you is under 18) even if you get married to that person in a marriage that is legally valid in that country! If you cross state lines to reach your partner, no matter where you go, you automatically fall under the federal age of consent, which is 18 with no age gap provision. Also, I believe that in the states where there's no age gap provision, all sex between minors under the aoc is criminal. Sorry, kids. At least sodomy laws, which used to criminalize all gay sex in many states, are no longer a problem. They were overruled by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 in a case called Lawrence vs. Texas (see

    I'm not a lawyer, by the way, so all of my remarks concerning legal matters are for entertainment purposes only. But to quote Morgan Summer's young friend Todd, "If I can get you *anything* -- "

    boisedix @