Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I said no, no, no.

Okay, another day without Mikey but to be honest, I kept my mind busy with other things. I think I'm finally getting over him. Until he messages me that is. I figured there's no point in being upset about someone who is probably straight anyways. While I still consider him the most beautiful guy I've ever met, if he doesn't show any interest in me there is no point.

Meanwhile, I think I discovered who my biggest celebrity crush is today. It used to be Cole Sprouse, but then I discovered Jeremy Sumpter.

I first saw him in Peter Pan (2003) a few months back, and while I thought he was cute, I didn't take the time to look him up. Tonight I watched the movie Frailty (2001) and when I saw the youngest boy (Adam) I thought "Wow, he is adorable". I looked him up and realized he played Peter Pan as well. Here are a few pics.

Okay, not a pic but a cute video of his personality. His part is the last half but the whole thing is worth watching.

This is him in Peter Pan. Gorgeous.

Here are older pics of him. I would guess around 15-17 here. Definitely his prime. Most amazing eyes ever. Very similar to Mikey's. Actually, if you look at the first pic from a distance it looks just like Mikey, just to give you an idea of how he looks. But Mikey has brown hair, a little bit chubbier face, and darker green eyes.

And this is him around 21 years old. DAMN! I say I don't like guys over 17, but he's an exception. He just needs to shave that nasty beard.

ANYWAYS, my family is going to the beach this weekend so I may not have another update until Sunday. Hopefully I'll have some Mikey contact before then.

Thanks for reading,
Tristan S.


  1. You should see him in a movie called Local Boys. That is my favorite movie with him in it.

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