Saturday, April 9, 2011

Play Date #2

This was actually yesterday, I just didn't get around to posting until now.

So you know how I told you that Thursday was a great experience with Mikey, well Friday was even better. I should have posted this ASAP but I had things to do today.

When I got there for the daytime performance, Mikey was already changing so I decided not to be a creeper and wait in the classroom until he was done. I went ahead and did a light check in the auditorium then came back in the room to find him. I didn't get a "Hey Tristan" but he came over and joined in a conversation with me and someone else. We then went out to the lobby like the day before and waited before the kids got there. I noticed he was messing with his phone and said something about not knowing how to turn it to vibrate. No one said anything, including myself. A few minutes later he mentioned it again, but this time directed it to me since I am supposedly a "technology expert". Whatever. So he showed it to me and we worked on it together for a few minutes until we finally figured it out. That was the closest I had ever been to him. I was leaning over his shoulder to see the screen and our faces were almost touching. We did a little more talking, but nothing special. During the performance I texted with him a lot about the show and other things. Then after the show we all met up in the classroom to eat pizza. We got in a line, and Mikey conveniently stood behind me. But something was different than normal...

He stood extremely close to me. I could feel his chest and stomach against my back and butt. I didn't turn around though, and he didn't step back. It was a strange yet comforting feeling. Even though it only lasted about a minute, I felt something I've never felt before. I don't know how to explain it, I guess the best way would be along the lines of a warmth. Not physically but mentally, caused by my attraction to him. Is that normal?

Anyways, we ate together and then I had to leave for class.

When I arrived for the night performance, I wore a button up black shirt and nice black dress pants. After having to wear black 4 times in a row, I was running low on things to wear. Anyways, when I walked in the room, the first person to say anything to me was Mikey. "Looking sharp Tristan". I told him about running out of things to wear, and he told me he wore the same thing each time. Normally I would think that's a little weird, but I know I used to do it when I worked back stage. It doesn't matter. You may sweat in it for an hour but other than that you are good. Anyways... I don't remember much else happening before the show. We discussed where we were going to eat for our cast dinner afterwards and while in the dressing room I said "I can take 3 people". Mikey was the first to raise his hand. Perfect.

After the show he told me his mom was meeting him to give him money so I waited with him outside and then eventually met up with the other 2 people I was taking. Mikey chose to sit up front with me. I didn't talk much to him but rather everyone as a whole. We got lost, but it was okay because he thought it was funny. We pulled into this gas station to call people to find out where we were meeting and he got a little freaked out because it was dark. We FINALLY made it to the restaurant though. I let them out before I found a place to park (the place was packed) and as Mikey was getting out he said "Love you Tristan" and I answered "Love you too". Too bad I actually meant it. If only he would say that to me without joking around.

Once inside, there was limited seating because we all took up 6 tables that we pushed together. Mikey came and stood with me and we noticed there was one chair open. My friends were trying to get me to sit down but I told them no. Then later they offered Mikey the seat but he refused as well. We finally resorted to bringing up another table, making 7. I sat at the end of the makeshift dining table while Mikey sat to my left. He met up with a friend there from his church group who sat in between us so I felt a little separated at first but once we started talking I felt connected again. I learned a lot about Mikey that night. His college plans, future with theater, feeling like he will never be as good as another actor (I told him that he's wrong and the director really likes him, which gave him some encouragement), and other things. We were there for about an hour and a half and I had a great time with him and my other friends.

But probably the best part (other than the pizza incident) was after everyone left and he was waiting on his mom to pick him up. I stood with him outside at my car and talked for about 10 minutes before she got there. Secretly, I wanted something interesting to happen between the two of us, but it didn't. I wasn't going to try anything because it wasn't the time to screw things up. I planned to give him a goodbye hug but his mom pulled into the wrong area so I walked behind him until he made sure it was her. I wasn't close enough other than to smile and say bye. It didn't matter though, I loved our time together.

If I didn't mention this before, I LOOOOOOOOVE how his voice changes from high to low. I'm guessing his voice is changing, but I never went through a face like that. It's not that it cracks, it's just one minute he's talking low and regular sounding, then the next he's high and soft-spoken. I prefer the high voice. It's more boyish and "gay" sounding. And unlike most people, I don't laugh when he switches, I just keep the conversation going. Goddd, there's nothing I DON'T love about him. Except for the fact that he hasn't told me if he's gay yet. I'm planning bringing that up soon. Not sure whether I'll IM him and eventually go into "Can I ask you a personal question?" and then "I heard from someone that they thought you were gay, are you?". Now that I type that out it doesn't seem like such a good idea. Any better suggestions on how to get that out of him?

Best Mikey Day Ever,

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