Thursday, April 7, 2011

Play Date #1

I figured instead of sticking to a topic like I've been doing, I will do this more in a journal form since days like this are rare.

Remember Mikey? Well, this is all about him. As I mentioned before he is working backstage for a show we are doing, and today we had two performances: one during school and one after. I came into the drama room after 2nd block to get ready for the show, but couldn't find Mikey. So I went through the auditorium and happened to see a few other backstage people go out into the lobby, so I followed. Luckily, he was there, and as soon as I came in the room he was like "Hey Tristan! whatsup dude?" like he was pleasantly surprised to see me. I joined in on small talk with them. I made the mistake of backing up another guy who was dissing this one youth group program that all the partiers go to. Coincidently, Mikey just started going. I quickly changed sides and started saying "I'm sure you're right though, I'm just going off of what I've heard". Anyways, we talked for about 30 minutes and then it was time to start, so I helped him walk one of the classes to their seat and then got ready. The show went okay, but I'm not here to talk about that.

After the show everyone always meets and greets the cast in the lobby so I met them out there. I stood with my friends and Mikey walks by and says "Great job running the lights Tristan", I told him thanks and he did awesome too. We talked a little about our cues, and then he wandered off. So me, being the gay guy that I am, went to hang out in the guys dressing room. Okay, so that's where everyone hangs out, even the girls. But I enjoy it for more reasons than that. Unfortunately, I missed Mikey changing shirts but I saw him changing pants. Black boxer briefs. Hott. I could have stayed and ate pizza with them but I had to get to my 4th block to help my friends with a project.

After school, it was time for our evening performance. This time Mikey didn't say hey to me, but I joined in on their conversation. I followed him around for most of the time before the show started, and when it was time to do warmups I made sure to stand beside him. He told me he had never done them before so I told him to watch me. So it was kind of a fun bonding experience between us. When it came showtime, I wished him luck and we parted.

I texted him once during the show, but didn't get an answer. After the show, we met in the lobby again and all the backstage people jokingly told each other how amazing they were, kind of mocking how all the actors get praised and the backstage people get ignored. A lot of them were hugging, and I thought about making a move with Mikey, but decided not to since he didn't hug anyone. Mikey saw that I had food so he asked if I had took it from the concessions for sell, so I gave him the keys to the storage closet so he could take some as well. I followed him to the dressing room where I watched him change, all the way. He was very quick about it and hesitant, but I caught a few glances from time to time. He was wearing grey boxer briefs now. When he took his shirt off he was exactly how I imagined him to be. Not fat, not, skinny, but average weight with smooth skin and a bellybutton that was between an inny and an outty. So cute.

That was about it for my experiences with him today. Oh, in the dressing room the other guys were making fun of him because of how his voice is cracking, he turned red. I wanted to say something but didn't. They were just doing it in fun, nothing serious. Honestly, I like the way his voice does that. He can be talking to you in a high voice one minute and the next time he opens his mouth his voice is lower. I prefer the high-voice Mikey. Seems more feminine and gay.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I haven't made a move on Mikey yet, it's because before this week started I had only said maybe 2 things to him, ever. I messaged him on Facebook a month or so ago because I wanted to get to know him better, but he didn't really respond much. So I think I'm making a lot of progress.

Tonight he finally answered my text and we IMed on Facebook a bit. I apologized for what I said about the youth group thing and he told me it was fine. We talked about that and hobbies outside of theater. Then I told him I had to go after he got quiet.

We'll see how tomorrow goes. 2 more performances and we're done. But now I think I'm comfortable enough to start texting him every now and then without being nervous about it.

Friends----------0-----Best Friends----------------Lovers

The 0 is where we are now. Hopefully it will be rising soon.


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