Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How To Be Sexy

In my book, anyways. Even my friends that know I'm gay don't fully know what I consider to be "sexy". When asked what kind of guys I like, I just say "younger looking". Well, there's more to it than that. You see, since I was about 12, I knew I was attracted to guys. At the time, I didn't really understand what "gay" was other than a sin, but I knew this one guy in my musical theater class was attractive and I tried to be around him a lot. Every time he talked to me I got nervous. Like I said, I didn't consider this "liking" him, I just knew I liked being around him. It wasn't until about the 7th grade that I realized "Wait a minute, aren't boys supposed to like girls?"

Anyways, we'll get into my past and current crushes in future entries. But for now, I want to describe for you the perfect boy in my age.

(NOTE: The age range has only SLIGHTLY changed since I was 12, which again, is another issue I will discuss in the future)

Age: 13-16.
Body Type: Slim, but slightly muscular.
Hair: Blonde, although brown can look good too. Medium length, but again that alters depending on the guy.
Eyes: Blue (or bright green).
Height: Shorter than me.
Style: Prep. Dresses nicely but casual. Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, etc. are a plus. I like tight fitting shirts and shorts (on other people, not myself). Skinny jeans are a huge turnoff for me.

This is a picture I use very often to describe what kind of boy I like. I have no idea who it is or where it's from, but I've held onto it for years:


I'll try to keep this journal one entry each day unless something extremely important comes up. Next time I will discuss crushes. Can't wait...


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