Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It All Happens So Quickly...

Wow... so much has happened since my last entry. It's late so I'm gonna get straight to the point.

I've been talking to Duncan on several occasions. Nothing really in depth but way further than I ever got with Blake. I still don't know if he's gay but I really don't care. I want to be his friend. He's cute and seems to be down on himself a lot. I am working on changing that. Not the cute part, I like that. Like today, they made an announcement that I didn't hear because I was working on something in another room and I came to him and asked what it said. Then I said "Thanks" after he told me. I want to make him feel important and that he is helpful. Actually he was the first person I saw but I wanted to talk to him more than anyone.

But wait, there's more....

Remember Lilly from Season One of Tristan Talks (lol)? Well I'm in a play with her, and she knows I like her. So what happened was.....

I posted a status on Facebook saying "You have no idea how much I'm into you" referring to Duncan. The next day at rehearsal, Lilly along with 2 other girls who I'm good friends with were like "so... I saw your status". Then they kept begging me for info and I told them that it was actually 2 people. They continued bugging me about it at home on Facebook so I was just like "Lilly, text me". I explained to her that I was physically attracted to guys but really wanted a serious relationship with a girl. I told her the status was about Duncan, but I told her I'm also into someone else. "Is it me?" "Yes". Since then we've been texting and talking more at rehearsal. I still don't know if she likes me back but she said that no guy has ever told her that they like her before so it made me feel kind of special. I sat with her at the pep rally last Friday on the junior side of the gym instead of the senior. I don't know though. I mean she knows I'm into guys and I would think she's the type that is grossed out by that but maybe not. We will see how it goes...

There is this new friend who is also from drama who I've really opened up to. She's extremely accepting and now knows everything about me, Duncan, and Lilly. Her name is Storey. But anyways, you may hear me mention her in the future.

I'm so tired so I'm gonna get to bed. Just thought I would update you on what's going on. Thanks for your comments and emails, I'll respond to them as soon as I get a chance.

Love you guys,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blogging Without a Cause

Since there were no responses to my last entry I take it to assume that no one reads this blog. That or you read part of it then leave. But then again, this is more personal for me so I could care less if anyone reads it or not. But if you do I really appreciate it and your responses are welcomed.

School has been in for a little over 2 weeks. I'm starting to make 3 or 4 new friends but mostly I'm sticking with the ones I already know. I was cast in an after school play which consumes a lot of my time but I enjoy doing it because I'm with the people I love. There is this one freshman boy in the show (he's doing tech) who doesn't seem to know anyone and sits by himself most of the time. Last rehearsal I took a risk and said hi to him and told him I did tech for the last play we did. I'm not one to speak to random people but I want to be his friend so if he wasn't going to make the first move, I was. No, I don't think he is THAT cute but I'd be interested in getting to know him. His name is Justin.

As for Duncan... I added him on Facebook and tried chatting with him once but he had to go about 5 messages into the conversation. He seems like a really cool guy but I have yet to speak to him in person. I'm hoping we get grouped together soon. I also mentioned Andrew, who is in the same class as Duncan. I have spoken with him several times and Friday he said hey to me when I got there. He's definitely older than I'm usually into but he is really hot. Too bad he isn't that smart and doesn't show any signs of being gay. As for Duncan, he is extremely smart. And I wouldn't doubt it if he was gay or bi. Then again I don't know him. I'm looking for more of a friendship right now than anything.

I'm going on my first campout with scouts in about 6 months next weekend. I really missed being with my friends but now they aren't really that close minus Ron. We still talk a lot and went to the movies together yesterday. No worries, he's still straight. But I like hanging out with him because he's accepting of me and he's open about his feelings. I think spending this time together will help us grow closer. I just wish I had someone I could talk to about being gay who actually understands. I need gay more gay friends. Alejandro is too immature and Clint doesn't seem to be looking for anything more than a sexual partner. I'll pass.

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