Monday, August 23, 2010

A New School Year, A New Start?

Senior Year. The year of decisions. Decisions that make up your future. Most kids my age only struggle with career choices, but for me, I have much stronger struggles within my heart.

This year is different for me, mainly because at this time last year, no one knew I wasn't straight. I told my best friend I was bisexual last Christmas, and have told at least 10 other individuals since then that I was gay. The stories are true, each person close to you that you tell is a huge load off of your shoulders. I still don't plan on telling my family. I MAY consider telling my mom when I have found a partner that I want to spend my life with, but until then, not a chance.

So Senior Year. Yes, Blake is still there. But I don't see much of him anymore except occasionally in the mornings before school. But to be honest that may be a really good thing. The first day I was a bit disappointed because I didn't notice any attractive guys in my classes. But by the second day of school, I noticed I had my share of cuties.

First Block: Math - NONE.

Second Block: Video Production - 2.

  • "Duncan" - Short, pale, cute face, innocent looking. Red lips. Childish eyes. Medium/Long Blonde hair. 10th grade. Deeper voice than expected. Quiet. Timid.
  • "Andrew" - Tall, handsome. Looks older than I usually like but his face makes up for it. Friendly/
I am way more interested in Duncan though. Andrew may be more of a "hot guy" but something about Duncan interests me. I got partnered with Andrew on our first assignment which was to interview each other. He is very friendly but again,, he'd the hot guy and definitely straight. Duncan is more mysterious. We went outside today to take pictures and he seemed to follow me and even stood beside me for the pic. I have never spoken to him, but I added him on facebook tonight and he accepted. He's in all honors classes. Something that is very important to me. I think he'll be my main interest this semester.

Third Block: English - 1.5

The people in this class aren't worth mentioning by name. One was in my English and History class last year. We talk occasionally but he's not extremely hot. That's what the .5 is for. And then there's this other guy who is pretty cute, but I don't think I'll be pursuing him that much, he seems pretty straight.

Fourth Block: Business - 0.5

There is a decent looking guy in there, but not worth mentioning.

There are 3 other guy's I HAVE to mention. Remember Alejandro, the gay guy who I first hid my identity from but then he figured out who he was? I think he's onto me. He's been replying to a lot of my statuses on Facebook and I talked to him for the first time in person on Friday which was REALLY awkward. But he's gotten cuter.

There's another guy, Clint. He went to my old school and recently dated this guy from my drama class. He knows I'm gay, and broke up with his boyfriend about a month ago. He's definitely cute so he's definitely an option. However, he may be a bit too sexual for me. I want more than just someone to sleep with.

FINALLY, while I was at my drama club meeting today, I saw plenty of new faces. New, young faces. There were 4 new freshmen boys in particular. 1 was Mexican (not very cute), 2 were kind of cute and blonde, then I saw this one guy. WOAH! I hate to admit this but he is about 3x cuter than Blake. I learned from reading the list of new members that his name was Mikey. Definitely my first freshmen crush this year. I feel like such a perv but I can't help it. Beauty is beauty. And the fact that he's into drama makes him soooo much more desirable. He even checked out a script because he was really interested in learning about the play we are doing. Speaking of which, my director begged me to take one and come to the audition. I figured it's worth a shot. Being cast along side Mikey, how could I resist?? I hope he gets a part, even if I don't. He seemed genuinely interested. Such a cute boy, wow. I NEED to see him again.

So yeah, just wanted to give you an update on the new school year. I AM POSITIVE that I will be way more current with this journal now that I am back into a social environment.

Recap: Cute Guys -
Duncan - 2nd block
Andrew - 2nd Block
Alejandro - Gay guy, might be interested in me.
Clint - Gay guy. I WANT to be interested in me.

That help? Talk to you later. BTW, please comment to let me know you read this, even if it's anonymous. Thanks.