Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teacher Creeper

Ok, I'm done with the lame titles. But these are the only two words to describe the situation I have inevitably involved myself in. So it ALL started last Friday...

I was on Facebook, bored, like always. I wasn't doing much more than stalking people's statuses when I hear the chat window pop up. I see it is my Bible teacher from my old school (whim I haven't talked to in years). We started out having a very casual conversation: Whatsup, how's life, how's school? But then things got a little weird. He asked if I was dating anyone. Kind of a weird question coming from an ex-teacher (he was my teacher in the 9th grade by the way). I told him no and I'm saving the serious stuff for college. He then made the comment "well I bet your hands get plenty of use then". Umm, awkward? I was just kind of like "haha, yeah". But then he kept going on, and eventually asked how often I masturbate. HOLD UP! Time to text my best friend who also had him as a teacher. She told me to keep the convo going. So we did... and he got more and more sexual, talking about how he wants to jerk off right now and can't wait to get home so he can do it (he was at work... as a youth pastor). He asked for my number, I foolishly gave it to him. About 20 minutes later he texted me and said "okay, I'm home now, I threw off my clothes at the door and I'm completely naked and so horny right now". EWW! Relaying every message to my friend, he continued to ask me about my penis size and how much I cum. He then asked if I liked girls, I told him "not really...". He began to tell me about all the sexual experiences he's had with guys. He then asked me if I wanted to meet him sometime and jerk off together. I politely told him no.

I AM SOOOOO NOT MAKING THIS UP! This guy was my BIBLE teacher for Christ's sake. And now he's gone super perv/homo. He later asked me out of all the guys at my old school who did I want to fuck. I answered honestly, haha. But then I asked what about him which was a mistake. He answered with the most obvious answer..."you". Should I be flattered or creeped out? The idea of being fucked by a teacher isn't appealing. It's not even like he's cute. Even if he was that wouldn't make a difference. He then asked for me to send a pic of my dick. I refused. He begged. I still refused. He sent me a picture of his dick EWW! Not only was it tiny, it was disgusting that he would even do such a thing. This was getting serious...

Normally, I would report someone like this. But he lived about an hour and a half from me and he'd have to make a serious effort to come and do any harm to me. I wasn't really threatened by him, I was more shocked and grossed out than anything.

So over the next few days he continued to text me and asked to hang out 2 more times. Both of the times I said no and made it clear that I wasn't interested in him at all. Not just because he was my teacher, but because he's like 25, I'm barely 17. That's almost a 10 year difference. Besides, anyone who jumps straight into sexual stuff isn't anyone I'm interested in anyways.

After talking to Ron I discovered that he had talked somewhat sexual to him too. But mostly just through jokes. It's still inappropriate. I didn't tell Ron EVERYTHING that the teacher said or sent to me, but he has a pretty good idea.

Oh, another thing. The teacher told me to not tell ANYONE. Too bad, I've told 2 of his former students and all of you guys. Don't the predators always say not to tell anyone? Why would I keep something a secret if the worst that would happen is you would lose your job and your whole life, I have nothing to lose. No, I don't plan on telling anyone that matters or that would put him in any danger of being exposed, but I have to gossip, that's what teenagers do!

Anyways, I know I'm a little late with telling about this but I wanted to see how far it got before I tried to write about it. NO I'm not making plans on getting involved with him. He hasn't texted me all day. THANK GOD!

In other news, I went to the river with my brother and his friends (the twins who are amazingly cute). Actually they aren't as cute as they used to be. I took lots of pics, too bad I can't show you guys. Yes, they are the most redneck guys I've ever met but they also like joking around about sexual stuff. Immature, yes. But sometimes that works to your advantage when you are attracted to someone, haha.

Goodnight my readers, thank you for your comment Danny. They really do mean a lot and I enjoy reading your feedback. I just wish EVERYONE who read this would leave a comment. Please? ;)