Saturday, May 1, 2010

Junior Prom Night

So I went to prom tonight because they invited all the Drama kids to come out and be 'paparazzi' for the 'red carpet' theme. I looked forward to it because the girl I like, Lilly, was going to be there too. I got there and talked to a few of my friends before we got started. Lilly got there about 20 minutes after I did and I was relieved she was there. I really wanted to spend time with her. When it was time to start, we stood outside by the red carpet and flashed our cameras. I made sure to stand near her the whole time so we could talk as much as possible, which wasn't much. Anyways, we did that from 8-10 and then they let us go in. We got some food and sat at a table. I talked to her some more but it was a group conversation. Then one of our drama friends came up and forced us out on the dance floor. Lilly has said before that she doesn't dance, and it was very similar to how it was at the drama competition after party we went to in February. But this was somewhat different, it was prom. We got out there and her and I stood very close most of the time, I don't know if it was intentional but she kept moving to stand by me, and I did the same to her. Then my friend finally got her swaying back and forth and she got me to do it as well. Lilly and I faced each other and laughed, we knew we both didn't dance. But it was nice to share that moment with her. Then when it was time to go, we all hugged goodbye and for the first time, I hugged her. It was short, but it was great to embrace her. Now that he play is over I will only occasionally pass by her in the hall like it was before, but I found out she may not be moving, meaning I still have next year.

Thanks for your comment "Johndoe870". I don't think I'll ever make a move to weird Blake out. I'm too shy to even talk to him, haha. And the whole thing with the fake Facebook profile for Ron has ended, my friend and I got bored with it and still weren't getting through with it. And the remark about stuff I don't want people to see on my computer: I am good about that and if anyone else saw the pictures it would be fine, but how the heck was I supposed to know that this guy who has never been to my house before except to drop me off would ride his bike there after getting lost, come in my house, and want to get on my computer, all while I wasn't there? I mean really, lol. Again, thank you for the comment, I REALLY enjoy getting responses from you guys. If anyone else feels like it, please leave me a comment!

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  1. It's good to hear that you had fun at the prom. I used to do stuff in high school to be close to people i wanted to talk to as well. (i'm 21 by the way) When i was 16 i went to a dance with this girl meghan that i was absolutely in love with for as long as i can remember. And we came across the same situation, neither one of us could dance but we made the best of it and had fun. Unfortunaly my best friend started dating her right after than and i never really hung out with her again. But anyways, that was one of the best night i had during high school, just bein close to her that night. I guess my point is that even if you know somethin wont work out in the long run, just do it anyways. Life is all about those little experiences. When you get older you'll look back on all the of those time and be glad that you took the chance.

    I really like that you have this blog to talk about your life to people who understand waht you are going through. Having people respond to your experiances who dont know you seems like it would be very helpfull as well. I've known that i was bisexual since about 4th grade. I never had the chance to talk to anyone about it b/c i was so scared of how ppl would judge me. I used to deal with it by writing a diary out every few weeks and then burning it. It helped me not only get things off my mind by putting it on paper, but also by destroying it i felt like all the embarassing moments ive had could be put to rest. So that i could move on with my life and forget out the past. Your blog is the first time i've ever talked to anyone about my life and i really enjoy it. I hope that you continue with it and that some of my experiances will help you out on your journey as well. If you ever want to talk more in depth about things feel free to email me as well. I set up a seperate email for this blog. The address is the same as my user name -John Doe