Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Oh Shit!"

Well today was quite the shocker. But I have some back story since my last entry to make things understandable.

So the evening after I wrote that last entry, Blake came on. In case you missed it, I devised a plan to send him a couple assignments from our computer class of mine to get him caught up. I decided to message him first. I asked what he was up to and then explained that if he ever needed any help in that class he could always ask me. He told me thanks but he doesn't need her class to pass. Then I told him "Well, I was thinking I could send you a few of the assignments that you are behind on so you can print them and turn them in". He responded "hmm, I never thought of that. You just have to tell me what to do". Anyways, I asked for which assignments he was missing and went through and edited them so they looked like his work and emailed them to him. He was very thankful but he soon had to go. I was worried about getting caught, but the satisfaction with his gratitude towards me was soothing enough.

The next day he printed them and turned them in. The teacher was very proud of him for getting caught up. I was a little upset about that but realized I was already one of her favorite students cause I turn stuff in on time. What kinda made me mad though was the fact he never spoke to me, even though we stood beside each other for like 5 minutes before the bell rang. He made up for it though that night when he thanked me again for "saving my ass".

So onto the main topic of this entry. Yesterday, my friend and I devised a way to try and break Ron of his "love-sickness" by creating a fake girl on Facebook who he would fall for and she would ultimately turn him down and make it apparent to him the way he has really been acting. I know that sounds really mean, but it's honestly what he needs. He isn't mentally stable at the moment. Anyways, I made up a fake name, found some pictures of a porn star that looked like she could pass for 15, and made the profile. I added a few of the random suggestions just to give her a start. By the way, if you want a bunch of random guys hitting on you and messaging you their numbers, I highly recommend doing this. But that wasn't my goal. AS SOON as he accepted my friend request, Ron began talking to me and saying my pictures were beautiful. I took his compliments and told him about myself. We talked for a good 30 minutes before I had enough. He was hooked and that's what I wanted. I logged out and told him I would be back tomorrow.

Today I was at our group leader's house for an informational meeting about my trip this summer. When I left, my mom told me that my dad said I had a special guest waiting for me at home. I had no idea who it was and I was really nervous. When I got home, there was a bike sitting in the driveway. I went in the house and guess who came to greet me. Ron. He had been riding his bike and got lost but realized he was close to my house so came by. He was on Facebook on my dad's computer. He had planned to go on mine but my dad told him I had a password set (I normally do that when I'm on vacation but he doesn't know that. THE PROBLEM IS, I had pictures on my desktop of the fake girl account that I used as well as she was still set as the default log in on Facebook. IF my dad would have let him use my computer (which would have made me very angry in any event) he would have seen her pics, and realized that I was her. OH SHIT! I was lucky that he was talking to my mom while I turned my computer on and hurried to delete the pics. I have never been that scared in my life knowing that he came that close to figuring it out. Even though they haven't gotten too involved yet, she was all he could talk about. He logged in and pulled up her pics and talked about all the stuff they had talked about. I acted like I was intrigued by it but could not look him in the face nor look at her pics. I knew it was a lie and I knew that he had actually been talking to me. He kept asking me if she was hot but I couldn't answer, I was still in shock. Anyways, his parents picked him up and he left before I could text my friend and tell her to cover for me and log in as the girl. HE CAME THIS CLOSE to something that would probably leave him in tears and ruin our friendship. Thank God for ill-informed parents.

Earlier this week we had the discussion about gays and Christianity and I learned that he is 100% against Homosexuality. He's one of those people who think all gays deserve to burn in hell for their choice. I am so hurt when people say stuff like that, and know that it shows why people think Christians are so ignorant. I'm a Christian, and I know in my heart that I am not straight, I'm not gonna act like it was my choice because I know it wasn't.

That's all until next time. This is quite an adventure....


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  1. I think that getting assignment for Tristan is a pretty good start to getting his attention. But now that he is noticing you, you need to go ahead and be the one to start up a conversation and try to start a friendship. My best advice is to just be yourself and treat him as just one of the guys. Judging by your post, you seem like you are trying too hard, which could cause him to become weirded out and potentially lead to him completely ignoring you. You just need to keep it smooth with the way that you start your friendship, which you should be trying to do.

    On second note, that seems like quite an experiment just to keep your buddy from messing with girls. Sometimes you just need to let people makes mistakes in life. Experiance really is the best teacher. I have made many mistakes that have nearly ended amazing friendships. It sounds like you care about Ron, but sometimes you just have to let things be. You are still young and it is that time where many of your friends are going to be focusing on nothing but getting a girl friend. If you do things on your computer that you dont want people to see, make sure you cover your tracks every time after your done. All it takes is that one mistake to ruin a life long friendship.

    Dont worry about people who are against homosexuality. The main reason that many people are largely against it is that they dont understand it. I have many friends and family members that have very strong beleifs that being gay is wrong. But they are not in my shoes, therefor they cannot truly understand. The main thing for you to do is accept who you are and not let other people oppinions bother you. Whether or not you choose to ever disclose your secret it up to you, but dont judge people on their uneducated opinions about things they just dont understand. If you ever need to talk my email is