Monday, April 5, 2010

Ron Going Crazy


I'm gonna try and keep this short, it's a long story that has happened over the past week.

So last Wednesday at scouts Ron and I decided to walk around the graveyard for a bit since we weren't going on the patrol camp out and everyone else was in their patrol meetings. He talked to me about how he's being treated badly at school by his teachers and classmates. He told me stories and it made me really upset that he was being treated that way. I told him he needs to do something to try and get out of that school but he says he wants to stay because he has a good chance of getting valedictorian and can get good scholarship offers.  I told him that there are things more important than that and if they are hurting his morale then he needs to get as far away as possible from them. He would do well in any school, he is a smart kid. We then got on the topic of girls and how he really wanted a girlfriend. He told me about the girl he was interested in who he had never met (he added her on Facebook, i know her in person). I told him that she really wasn't that good of a person and most of her relationships last 2 weeks at the most. He said that would be great, he just wants to know what it's like. I told him it would eventually hurt him more in the end. Anyways, we ended up talking for the rest of the meeting which was about an hour and a half. He needed to talk about this stuff and I was glad to be there for him.

But during this past week...he has changed...big time.

I first notice him join a group on Facebook and start a discussion topic about advice on getting a girlfriend. I figured that was okay, but then he started posting stuff on his wall about wanting to fall in love and get his first kiss and all that. To me it just seemed desperate but I said nothing about it and continued to encourage him. Yesterday when he was talking to me he told me that God had promised him that he would be with that girl (who by the way, takes no interest in him at all). I asked him what he meant by that and told him that I think he is wanting her and is convincing himself that God is telling him that they are meant to be together. I told him I don't think God can "promise" you that because love is a two-way commitment. He told me that he didn't believe me and that God told him that he was going to marry that girl and if I didn't believe him then we should stop talking. I told him that he was acting immature and he needed to just calm down and look at the situation from her perspective and he told me that we should stop being friends if I am doubting his faith and God's promise.

I haven't talked to him since then. He is being stupid and idk why. I believe that God makes promises with people but he doesn't say "You will marry ______ ". I am thinking he just had a dream or something about this girl and he thought it was God talking to him. Anyways, he isn't talking to me and I have to spend all day with him Saturday. I talked to the girl and she said he is acting like a stalker and is really scaring her. I told him that and he told me he think I am just trying to get in the way of God's promise and that he won't stop until he gets with her. That really scares me. He has never been like this before and I don't know what has gotten into him. While I have been typing this I found out from a friend that he is now "going out" with this other girl he met on Facebook who still has a boyfriend. He says he is going to go out with her until the other girl is ready for a relationship with him. UGH, HE IS AN IDIOT!!!

What would you do in my situation? He is one of my best friends and I have been as supportive as possible but he is really acting differently. If he had always been this way I would have never been his friend. But I have tried to help in every way but it's getting out of hand and I'm starting to think he needs professional help.

I will be gone all this week on a family vacation so I won't get to update. I probably won't get to talk to Ron either. Nor Blake (who I still haven't talked to). Ugh, so much drama! I hate it but I always find myself involved in it.

Have a great week,

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