Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Unfortunate "Date"

So I wanted to wait until after the game on Saturday to do this entry so I would have enough stuff to talk about.

Let's go back to about 20 minutes after I posted my last entry. I was in a conversation with my best friend from school and Ron. Ron was being really serious about how he didn't have a girlfriend and how no one likes him. I felt really bad and tried my best to comfort him and tell him that he's only 15 and has plenty of time to find the right one for him. Then suddenly, at 10:05.... guess who starts a chat with me on Facebook? BLAKE! I had been waiting for him to come on all day and the one time I am not constantly checking the Online list he is there. The conversation started with him driving to Bi-Lo, to him having his permit, to driving, to our test in first block, to IM programs (I told you we would talk about that, unfortunately he didn't know what they were), my stuff on Facebook (and how he really likes them), to our classmates, to....idk what else. But we talked for 45 minutes. It was sooooo nice! Meanwhile, I was still talking to Ron about his depressing dilemma. It was kinda hard to focus on either conversation fully. But anyways, I was on an emotional high all night because of that chat with Blake.

The next day, he didn't talk to me or anything, but at one point the teacher was showing an example of my project on the projector and he glanced over at me and I looked at him and he smiled. That little moment made my day. Sure, he cusses in like every chat message, but at least he chats with me. I think these things are drawing me to become more and more into him. At least he is showing interest back. Maybe not in the same way as me, but he wants to be friends and if that's the best we can be then I am okay with it. But GOD am I obsessed with him.

Now for yesterday. Up until about 3:30 I figured the whole hockey game with Ron was called off because he called me Friday night and said his parents couldn't take us. But he called me Saturday just as I was about to take a nap (Had to take the SAT that morning) and told me that his dad could take us. So I met him and his little brother at their house at 5:15. They took me to their backyard and showed me their tree house which was really cool. I want one. Of course, there would be a lot more going on in there besides watching TV and sleeping. Anyways, his dad came and got us and we went on our way. We road the light-rail to the stadium because it is the easiest way to get around there. It was scout night there so there were a bunch of little cub scouts running around. There were hardly any Boy Scouts. But anyways, the place was PACKED. Our seats were on the very top row. The good thing is we could see everything from there. About half way through the first quarter, Ron asked if I wanted to go walk around. So he and I slowly climbed down from our seats and walked around the stadium. It was nice. We talked but I'm not really sure what all about. Nothing in particular, just looked around at the different tables people had set up. By the way, there were some really cute guys there. Too bad Ron was only interested in looking at the cheerleaders. He kept passing it off like he wasn't but it was obvious he was interested in them. After intermission we went back to the game, but instead found some seats somewhere by ourselves. I had bought some nachos and said I would share with him. I also bought a drink and he made a comment about not going to share it with me and I was like "Well, you can if you want" but he was like nahh. Anyways, back to our secluded seats. Normally this would be the part where we make out, but he was too busy watching the game and the cheerleaders. Sluts...

That's pretty much it for the game. But the train ride back was interesting. The train was packed because everyone tried to get on it at once leaving the game. We were packed in there, and me and him were pressed against each other for almost the whole ride. We held on to each other to keep from falling when it stopped. Which would have been nicer if he was interested in me. Or if he were Blake. OMG that makes me hard just thinking about that. Ok...too much information.

That's about it for this entry. Sorry it's so long, again. I'll try and shorten it next time. Do you like person entries like this or informational/topic entries better? Let me know.



  1. Personal entries are the best. It lets you get stuff off your chest and lets us have an insight into your life and thoughts. I wouldn't worry about length, your writing doesn't drag. Write for as long as it takes to get down what you want to get down.

    Your inner monologue is really cute, it makes me smile.