Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Still Alive But I'm Barely Breathing

Nah, only Blake can take my breath away.

Anyways, not much has been going on in this confusing life of mine. I've been talking to my friend whom I met from this blog online a lot. It seems like we have talked for hours every day since we met. We have so much in common and he is really smart about certain things. It doesn't hurt that he is cute too. Haha, he will probably kill me when he sees this. But I mean it. He's the first person I've talked to that feels the same way I do about guys and girls. Of course, he's had more experience than me (lucky). But I really enjoy talking to him and hope we can remain friends.

I started a Facebook chat with Blake the other day but he didn't stay long. I don't know if it was because I was annoying him or just because he had to go. But I won't start a chat with him again until he does with me, just to be sure.

We had a fire drill on Thursday in first block so I got to stand near him. But I also saw that he was friends with a lot of the "gangsters". That is probably the whitest thing I have said but you know what I mean. And no, I'm not racist, but I mean the guys that think they are cooler than everyone else. But then again, he's on the wrestling team so he's probably close with a lot of them. But he told me in a chat once that "I'm not racist, but sometimes black people are fucked up". Lol, I just thought that was funny. Anyways, I didn't really get to stand that close to him because I was talking to my friend, but he is still as cute as always. Although I think his voice is changing. He has had a raspy voice the past week or two. I'm gonna miss his old voice, it was amazingly sexy. And I'm not just saying that because I have a crush on him. If anyone heard his voice they would think the same. So smooth and clear. Okay, I'll stop.

Hopefully people are still reading this. Leave a comment if you want. It can be anonymous I think. I like to believe that there are people who are actually getting enjoyment from reading this and I'm not just doing it for my own benefit. I'm thinking about expanding and maybe getting a Twitter or a Formspring so you guys can ask me anything you want. Would you like that? Let me know.


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  1. You need to ask questions or something so you challenge us to comment or respond.
    Seems to me you have things pretty well in control. Although I know you wish more would happen with Tristan.
    You really do write things in an interesting way.
    Hope more discover you and share.
    But then again.. my life is dull