Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Over Him....Aren't I?

I have come to the conclusion today that I am OVER Blake. At least I think...

His attitude seems to have completely changed, or I was just blinded by beauty to realize it had been that way all along. He seems to be more focussed on "being cool" than being respectful and does a lot of little things to disrespect and disobey the teacher just to make his friend laugh. That kind of attitude is a total turn off for me. I am very courteous to others and treat my teachers with a lot of respect and I hate to see others do the opposite. He doesn't do things that are blatantly disrespectful, but he is very disobedient and repeatedly does stuff the teacher tells him not to. It's like he is pushing her limits to see when she will snap.

What makes me uncertain about whether or not I'm really over him is the fact that I am still extremely attracted to him. His looks, his smell, his voice, his presence in general. I think I will come straight back to him next time he messages me on Facebook or says something to me ib person. It's like a crush I can't get over even if I want to. But I'm not necessarily certain if I'm ready to let go yet. I guess only time will tell.

What is your best advice for getting over a crush?

See you soon!


  1. Best advice for getting over a crush: FIND A NEW ONE.

  2. The feeling of consciously not wanting someone anymore but being unable to shake the crush... its pretty terrible. The only way I've gotten over it was time and/or a lot of anger.

    Have you considered talking to him about how he is in class? Maybe he doesn't realise what he is actually doing. Give him an outsider's perspective and see how he reacts. At this point what do you really have to lose?