Friday, February 19, 2010

Straight Side Comes Out

Today was very interesting, but also made me consider what I want and who I want. Remember the girl I mentioned earlier, Lilly? Well today was interesting because of her.

So I stayed after school for rehearsal like I have been doing. I'm not in the play but doing something afterwards that I use the cast for. Anyways, she came in freaking out and she was making it obvious so someone asked her what was wrong. She said she left her book bag in her classroom and the teacher had already left and locked the door. The kids in the cast told her to get over it and it's not that big of a deal. They got back to their regular conversations but I looked at her and she was still sitting on the floor nervously. I could tell she was really upset about this so I went up to her and offered to run to the office to get the keys to the classroom while she rehearsed and bring her her stuff. Her eyes lit up and she thanked me and said "I love you Blake! You're my hero!". I know she was just saying that in a friendly way but I liked it. Anyways I got her stuff and brought it back. She thanked me again and she went on with rehearsal.

It's weird. I REALLY like her as a person. She's someone I see as the type of woman to be my wife. I think she is really pretty, but I'm not physically attracted to her like I am to Blake.

Anyways, I also got a chance to talk to her after rehearsal before our rides picked us up and we just talked casually about going to private schools when we were younger and stuff. I don't think she knows I like her yet, but I really want it to be obvious. I may try texting her this weekend if I get up the nerve. We are going to a competition with the show next weekend, so hopefully I can spend a lot of time with her there. We will see...

That's about all I have for today's entry. I didn't see Tristan today because I had a workshop to prepare for SAT's all day.


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