Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Start & Celebrity Crushes

So I planned to discuss my celebrity crushes in this entry, but because of something that happened during my day at school, that's gonna have to wait until the end.

So I was in my first block computer class (remember, the one with hot guy Blake?) and we had a sub. Like usual, I kept glancing behind me at Blake. The room is set up where we are all aligned along the walls, so he's all the way on the opposite wall with his back towards me. Anyways, he was looking intently at his screen in one of our programs we can mess around in before the lesson. When the sub was calling role he continued to look at his screen. But when the sub called my name, Blake turned around and looked at me. I'm not sure why, but I liked the eye contact. Anyways, we did the work the teacher left for us and everyone finished about 15 minutes before the bell rang. Unlike my teacher, the sub let us walk around the room and we didn't have to stay at our seats. Then I glanced over and Blake was walking towards me. I thought to myself: Stay cool, stay cool. He may not be coming toward you, don't look at him. Well I was wrong, he did come to me. He said, "Hey, I saw your art on Facebook. You're really good dude". I said thanks and we had a conversation about it and also made fun of the subs hair-piece. My heart was racing the whole time. But then the stupid bell had to ring. Aaaah! It made my day so much better though.

Celebrity Crushes
Ok, now for today's planned topic. I don't have many, but there are some celebrities that I am obsessed with. I'll start with the girls, but I only like them for their personality, could care less about their looks.

Lady Gaga - Favorite Musician. Very talented and open minded. Great person.
Miley Cyrus - I like her personality. She seems like she would be a good girlfriend.

Kate Winslet - Favorite Actress. Sexy and fun person.

Cole Sprouse - MY FIRST celebrity crush. Watched him growing up and he just got cuter and cuter. Dylan is cute too but Cole is sooo sexy! (Yellow shirt if you don't know him). And for the second pic... I'll be needing that later tonight...

Justin Bieber - I hate to admit it... but I think he's hot. Not a fan of his music or personality...but DAMN!

Jake T. Austin - Yes, another Disney Channel kid. But he is so cute! Especially this picture.
So hopefully this will fill you in on what I like and what I think is SEXY. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below. I want to look them up and I'll let you know next entry if I agree with you. By the way, welcome to the blog all of you new readers!!!

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