Sunday, February 21, 2010

...And Goes Back In

So as soon as I thought things were going straight, something happened today that brought my gay side back out. I was chatting with 3 of my friends on MSN and Yahoo and I had FaceBook up in the background. Suddenly, I heard this subtle ding come from my speakers. I figured it was this one girl that messages me all the time. But no, it was Blake. His name popped up with the message "Hey, whazzup Tristan?". I literally had a heart attack! I told all 3 of the people I was chatting with that he messaged me (they all knew about my crush on him) and I shared all of our messages back and forth with him. Here is pretty much how it went...

Blake: Hey, whazzup Tristan?"
Me: Hey man, not much. you?
Blake: Same, just watching The Hills Have Eyes.
Me: Oh awesome. I've seen parts of that.
Blake: Creepy Shit
Me: Haha, I know. I think there is a sequel but I heard it was stupid.
Blake: Yea, thats the one I'm watchin
Me: Oh, haha. Am I right?
Blake: It's okay, better than the first.
Me: Cool. I love horror movies.
Blake: Me too, what's your favorite?
Me: Umm, probably "The Descent" but it's a few years old. It's really creepy though. Urs?
Blake: Cool. Probably __________ (I forgot what he told me).
Me: Oh, that one's good too.

He then commented on the thing that I am known for online and how awesome they were and I thanked him. Then he said "alright well I'll ttyl" and then got off. I was upset that he got off but was sooo happy that he talked to me. It made my day. Hopefully this means that we will talk some Monday in class.

I'll let you know as soon as something happens (if it does)!



  1. Im confused: Is the the conversation Tristan to Balke or Blake to Tristan? Ive noticed this in several entries, can you help me clear this up?
    (sorry :( )

    1. Hey, sorry, it's Blake to Tristan (me). Had a few name changes when I imported my blog over from another site.